London, Paris Plan Unity Despite Brexit

Paris and London, two of the most beautiful capital cities in the entire world, intend to tighten their friendship bonds in the wake of the Brexit referendum that is causing the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

According to a news report published by British newspaper The Telegraph in late March, the Mayors of London and Paris met in France to discuss matters related to the capital and business flight currently unfolding in England. The city that stands to lose the most in the post-Brexit era is London, which until recently was the financial center of Europe. It so happens that British citizens in London overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, and yet they are the most affected by this historic referendum.

The meeting between Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and London Mayor Sadiq Kahn was seen as diplomatic, earnest and ideological. Both city leaders are considered to be to the left of the political spectrum, and their meeting was conducted after right-wing factions in Paris held an impromptu campaign to welcome companies forced to leave London due to Brexit. It is interesting to note that these companies would quickly leave Paris for Frankfurt or Amsterdam should France ever exit the EU.

There is no question that Brexit will be a financial windfall for Paris. Analysts expect the French capital to gain more than 60,000 jobs, mostly related to finance, over the next few years. English could also become an official second language in Paris.

As for London, Mayor Kahn believes that his city could obtain a special status within the EU for the purpose of fostering trade and tourism. Immediate plans including offering train discounts to executives of London startups who need to start planning their moves to Paris. In the best case scenario, London could become a special ally of the EU so that products and services could flow in a fashion similar to the existing EU trade.

An even more beneficial agreement would be for certain companies to be able to set up offices in London and Paris simultaneously. The United Kingdom is still a very lucrative market, and thus companies would like to be able to set up shop in both the EU and London, although such an agreement would require special approvals from EU leaders. The idea of company executives and employees zipping from Paris to London without facing border scrutiny may not sit well with Brexit supporters.

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