Despite Odds, Marine Le Pen Has A Path To Victory

Jean-Marie Le Pen, one of the founders of the ultra-right political movement that has been taking hold in France over the last few years, believes that his daughter and his party have already accomplished what they needed to accomplish.

Although Monsieur Le Pen is 88 years old and can hardly walk, he has done as much campaigning as he has been able to do for his daughter, presidential candidate Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen, better known as Marine. The National Front party shares an ideological platform similar to that of United States President Donald Trump, although French voters seem a bit hesitant to support Marine le Pen as the woman who should succeed President Hollande.

The Odds Against the National Front

Marine Le Pen would need to defy the odds in order to win the spring elections in France, but her father is already thinking about the future. Political analysts think that a scandal involving the leading candidate would be all that the National Front would need to culminate a campaign that has been in the making since the European Union was chartered. For Monsieur Le Pen, seeing his daughter collect nearly 40 percent of the vote is an accomplishment he could not have dreamed about a couple of decades ago.

Monsieur Le Pen has been riding a wave of populism that has already engulfed the United States with the election of Donald Trump and the ongoing Brexit move to divorce the United Kingdom from the European Union. What is propelling the National Front, a political faction that advocates a French separation from the EU, is that their proposals are no longer considered to be extremist ideology.

The National Front is finding sympathy among French voters who believe that a positive socioeconomic shift could be realized if France enacts a strong policy to reduce immigration.

For those unfamiliar with French presidential elections, it is important to note that the National Front would have to make it past the first round of voting, which is scheduled for April 23. Only two candidates will emerge from this voting round, and they will face off a couple of days later. This second round of voting would be difficult for Marine Le Pen to surmount; however, the possibility of political scandals emerging among her opponents is certainly plausible.

In the end, the rise of the National Front seems to be as important as who will be elected on May 7.

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