Adam Milstein Advocating for Jewish People Around the World

*******UPDATE***** Arutz Sheva spoke with Adam Milstein, National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) at the DC Herzliya Conference

You may have heard Adam Milstein's name before as a prominent Israeli real estate investor. There is no doubt that he has left his mark on the real estate world as the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, which has an impressive portfolio of more than $2 billion in hundreds of properties that it owns and manages across the country. While Milstein's professional pursuits in the real estate industry are laudable enough on their own, he has also managed to establish himself as one of the most active and recognizable philanthropists in the Jewish community.

Milstein is probably best recognized in the philanthropic world for his involvement with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which supports and mentors students around the world in getting in touch with their Jewish roots and strengthening their connection to Israel. Milstein remains active in the work of the foundation alongside his wife. As a result of the extensive resources and investment in young Jewish scholars by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, hundreds of students have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about their heritage and have gained invaluable educational experiences that will not soon be forgotten. In recognition of Milstein's incredible dedication to community service and philanthropy, his name was recently added to the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.

In addition to the intense community service and philanthropic work by Milstein, he has also given back to the Jewish community by establishing the Israeli-American Council, which works to foster the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Besides founding the council, Milstein has also worked tirelessly to help spearhead its expansion and role of influence in developing American foreign policy regarding Israel and Jewish relations in general. Milstein is certainly not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to protecting Jewish people or standing up for the oppressed around the world. In light of his wife's personal experience as an immigrant to the U.S. from Morocco, Milstein also has a unique understanding of the experience of marginalized social groups in the U.S. and is better able to advocate on their behalf.

To further his personal mission of advocating for Jewish people around the world, Milstein is a frequent writer and contributor to many noteworthy publications. He speaks frequently about the importance of Jewish people learning to read and write in Hebrew so that they are able to engage in an even deeper connection with their religion and culture. To that end, Milstein has worked to increase the opportunities for Jewish people to learn Hebrew around the world. He continues to be generous in sharing his resources and harnessing his connections to give back to the Jewish community in creative and meaningful ways. What sets Milstein apart from other philanthropists is that he intimately engages with the community work that he is doing, instead of simply writing a check or sitting as a figurehead on a charitable organization's board. Milstein always seeks out new and effective ways to be a force for good in his local community and across the globe.

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