How The Controversial Doe Deere Became a Successful Entrepreneur

Doe Deere

More people than ever before are considering going into business for themselves. If you have considered joining the entrepreneurship movement, perhaps you've given some thought to what it might take to run your own business. This article will address some tips for making such a bold venture successful.

Find Your Passion

Do you have that overwhelming desire to reach your goals, whatever they may be? Do you get so excited about certain things that your eyes light up when you talk about them? It has often been said that if you do what you are most passionate about for a living, you won't even really be working. Of course, there will be hard work involved no matter what you choose to do, but this saying is referring to how much joy can be experienced from doing something that you're passionate about. Do more of what lights your soul on fire and be around people who fan the flames of your success.

Use and Expand On Your Skill Set

We all have a natural set of skills that we were either born with or have honed over the years. Take those things that you are naturally good at and run with them, building upon your skill set as you go. It's always easier to get started with something you already know how to do exceptionally well than it is to learn an entirely new skill. According to Doe Deere, whatever you choose to do will require growth and change as you proceed through the steps, so being able to roll with the changes is important.

Tackle Problems Head On

No matter what you choose to do as a career, there will be problems that arise. This is especially true in the beginning stages, and this is when a lot of people make the mistake of becoming overwhelmed and choosing to give up. Doe Deere says to stick it out and address problems as they arise. Breaking the problem down carefully and analyzing the pros and cons of each possible solution can help you determine the next steps to take to solve your issue.

Learn From Others

There have been many successful entrepreneurs before you, and they experienced and overcame many of the same issues you will have on your journey. Therefore, they are a great source of guidance and inspiration. Aside from learning from other business owners, your own colleagues and employees can often provide a listening ear and a wealth of knowledge you can draw from. Doe Deere says that learning to listen to her employees provided many benefits for her company.

Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks

Taking a risk may be scary, but without risk there can be no reward. Does this mean you should just jump into anything with no planning whatsoever? Of course not. Taking a risk blindly with no preparation or foresight is a certain way to fail before you even get started. The point here is to not be blinded by fear when it comes down to taking a risk with a specific venture. All successful business owners at some point were faced with a decision where they had to take a risk, and they went for it and addressed problems as they arose. Success in business is about overcoming obstacles as they come up, not avoiding risk altogether.

We've all heard it said that every journey begins with a first step and this is no more true than in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Ascertain your skill set, determine what it is you are passionate about, make some plans (just be prepared to roll with the changes) and then take that first step and get started. Yes, there is risk involved but there is so much to gain on the other side of that.

Doe Deere is the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime makeup and as such, she has much expertise to offer on the topic of getting started in the business world. She is a rebel at heart with a unique vision that permeates her business and her method of operating it. She delights in providing high quality cosmetics to her customers, while staying true to her own ideals.


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