Is EOS Lip Balm the Secret to Mastering French Girl Beauty?

EOS Lip Balm

Many women and particularly the most fashion savvy of the rest can attest to being intrigued by the pinnacle of fashion that is the French woman. These women are hard not to notice despite their seemingly underdone makeup which they so effortlessly flaunt. Theirs is an impeccable and fashion-forward sense of style to which they adhere with ever so little effort. Messy buns, minimalistic makeup, pale skin and still they remain a sight to behold. The French woman knows her basics and embodies it like the crown it is. She is aware of herself and does not attempt to mask her natural beauty with products. The products she uses, if any, do not seem to overshadow her but only accentuate her natural features.

Many have kept a keen eye on these simply amazing creatures in wonder unable to fathom how such little effort can exude so great a sex appeal. These Parisian beauties remain a mystery to many with their long lashes and elegant dress which keep a majority on the lookout for the next look they should try. Many would, therefore, relate to our initiative to give insight into French beauty secrets that have kept their women a step ahead of many for ages. After all, if you are to learn, why not learn from the very best!

1. A young and healthy look is paramount.

The French pay very keen attention to their skin. The pure white appearance of their skin appeals more to them than tanned skin which requires exposure to the harmful sun. Stop obsessing over tanned skin and instead invest in an umbrella, a sun hat and an SPF 50+ sunblock to protect your skin from age-enhancing UV rays. One must also reduce the amount of contact her face has with bacteria that one may attract dirt while out and about. The skin must be taken extra care of to maintain its youthfulness.

2. Match your perfume to your mood.

Rather than sticking to the same scent for each day, pick a different one for different moods and occasions. Wear perfume that describes how you feel or intend to spend your day. This ensures your scent is as great as your look making a generally subtle but sensual statement.

3. Remember, your best asset is your skin.

You do not need the heavy makeup you have accustomed your skin in order to stand out. Your skin is capable of looking just as fine, if not better, minus the constant burden of makeup. Just like French women, consider your skin as your selling point and pamper it without bounds. The small fortune you may have to part with in terms of facials, massages, prepping and prevention techniques will definitely ward off the bad skin.

Moisturising and hydrating the skin is also very important to keep pores open and skin clear. A weekly face mask may also go a long way in preserving the beauty of your skin as the French women have demonstrated. You can apply some blush, mascara and just a touch of lipstick and you’ll be good to go. In this way, one can successfully achieve maximal results from the bare minimum.

4. Contour less; highlight more.

The French women have found that accentuating their natural appearance serves them better than attempting to sculpt the face. We may, therefore, need to tone down on the contouring and highlight the high features of our face instead if we are to emulate the French successfully. The contouring effects should be substituted with definite highlights in such areas as the nose, the above the cupid’s bow of the lips and the cheeks. This also serves to create a certain radiance that would be lost in the attempt to redefine your features by contouring.

5. Focus on the cat-eye.

It may be tempting to blend a cat eye with smokey eyes and red lips but this is a big NO if you want the French look. It may end up to be too distracting. Treat each of these as a standalone feature instead.

6. Try a messy smokey eye look.

The clear lines often associated with cat eyes and smokey looks are best ditched for a messier French. This is best achieved with creams instead of powders. For this, use a high-quality eye pencil and smear the colour with lip balm such as EOS lip balm.

7. Use red lipstick.

Considering the minimal makeup associated with the French look, staining the lips with whatever shade of red will create a great look. Red lipstick is a major fashion accessory of the French look. Red lips can be worn with jeans, high heels and slightly messy hair to create an even more amazing look.

8. Leave your hair un-accessorized.

In keeping up with the French minimalistic theme, the only accessory one really needs is a bright smile. Maintain healthy, shiny hair that looks elegant even when unstyled. Avoid adding anything such as headbands, pins or clips to your hair. Even without these, it is possible to look sufficiently great especially with the signature messy hair.

9. Get a great haircut.

You may wear your makeup like the French women, but this look is not complete without the right hair. French fashion works best with a short bob or shoulder-dusting crops. Focus less on styling products and more on the healthy shine of the hair. Beautiful hair gives you a solid foundation for an amazing final look.

10. Preserve the texture of your hair

Hair is always in its best texture and style after a wash. Develop a habit of shampooing and air drying your hair regularly, say, daily. This regimen is particularly applicable during the summer. Also, use a texturing dry shampoo when doing this to preserve the texture of your hair. In addition, brush your hair before taking a shower instead of after or during the shower and let the hair dry naturally.

11. Invest in EOS lip balm.

There is nothing particularly attractive about dry or chapped lips and every if not all French woman understands this. The red lipstick may not favour everyone so worry not. You can try the organic EOS lip balm which comes packaged in an egg-like container to protect your lips. EOS lip balm contains Shea butter and vitamin E which are helpful in nourishing the lips. It comes in various varieties to suit preference.

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