Jason Halpern an International Real Estate Powerhouse

Jason Halpern and Family

Jason Halpern is a powerhouse in the international world of real estate. He is most widely known for founding JMH Development LLC, a leading real estate development company. Because of Halpern’s innovation and dedication to quality work, JHM has experienced an up flow of success in the past decade. In fact, Halpern’s commitment to building new, innovative properties has turned JMH into one of the most successful companies in the business. Halpern has built a team of experts that manages every relevant aspect of the construction and development sector. JHM specializes in building “enduring” and distinctive properties for residential, commercial and hybrid-use purposes. Jason’s work spreads across the east coast, seeking desirable markets in New York, South Florida and other heavily populated regions across the nation. Halpern’s growth is carefully managed, however; he measures his success one building at a time. He says his secret to success is limiting ongoing projects to four or five at once, no more. This way, he is more intimately involved in every project.

For Jason, family and business both carry great weight and taught him to seek balance in his business choices. In fact, his family managed JHM, building in the Bronx and the west end of Westchester. At the beginning of his career, Jason had wanted to be a racecar driver. Then the recession hit and his father passed away before Jason had even started middle school. Those changes pushed him forward as an entrepreneur. He started a boutique development firm in the 90’s and took over JMH in 2010. Watching several generations maintain that business over the course of his childhood inspired Halpern to contribute something new to their creation. Accordingly, he transferred his need for speed to the fast-paced world of real estate development and was pleasantly surprised to find his niche there, in addition to financial and international success.

Every project starts with a mindfulness of the surrounding community and preexisting historic value, which only furthers Halpern’s reputation as the ideal entrepreneur to work with. Wherever you might see JMH’s work, there is a guaranteed increase in property and communal value. Warehouses are transformed into gorgeous homes. Empty plots are filled with interesting designs and strategically-placed commercial spaces. Historic townhomes (such as those of Cobble Hill) are renovated to revive their former glory and enhance functionality. Recently, when the Landmarks Preservation Commission agreed to repurpose the Brooklyn Heights Cinema, they emphasized a desire to add to the building’s character, not take away from it. Naturally, JMH got designer Morris Adjmi to help turn the rundown Cinema into a boutique condominium.

Jason Halpern and Thomas

Whereas some New York cohorts strive to build as many massive Downtown properties as possible, Halpern’s efforts aim to withstand economic fluctuations. He switched some of his focus to building smaller boutique buildings in South Florida. When JMH opened a hotel in South Beach, it would have been easy to expand it into a condo project as originally planned. Instead, while other cohorts kept building, JMH chose to back off, eliminate the debt incurred and wait for the market to improve. This decision allowed Halpern to later reapprove the project for hotels. Still, he has closed on some incredible projects, such as a nearly $50 million waterfront development in Surfside. Halpern and JMH are currently working on their first project in Europe. Seeing his family succeed raised his standards concerning high-quality work.

Halpern’s financial success came quickly because of these standards; his net worth was over $500 million from successful projects. How does a developer keep that kind of success going? Halpern says he sees every property, every apartment and commercial space, as a unique investment. He only got to build on each site once, and used innovative techniques to leave a lasting impression in his work. Furthermore, he uses his personal time wisely, which contributes significantly to his overall success. When Halpern realized how profitable his work was becoming, he immediately sought out charitable work to increase what he could give back. He recently partnered with a global non-profit to fund water projects all over the world. In his mind, no one needs a luxury home if they don’t even have bodily health or safe, clean water. He intends to use his abilities however necessary to help his fellow man, in business and personal matters.

When Halpern isn’t working with JMH or non-profit organizations, he makes the most of the little remaining time. He still races when he can, in memory of his father and their shared love of racing. Movement powers his success; racing reminds him to keep the wheels turning to power his investments and anticipate the twists and turns of the market. His downtime involves reading and sharing literary resources on untapped cities and the inner workings of various cities around the world to spur creative ideas for future projects. Last, but certainly not least, he enjoys a fulfilling family life with his wife Veronica and their teenage son.

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