A Brief Look at Troy McQuagge: Humble Leader, International Businessman, and CEO of USHealth Group

A veteran in his field for the past 33 years and counting. A humble and down to earth person despite his notable achievements. A man with an unfathomable passion and commitment to his job. A good boss, who is considerate and thinks about the welfare of the people under his care. These are just some of the words that are used to describe international businessman Troy McQuagge’s personality and character. He is the reason as to why USHealth Group has grown over such a short period of time. In an industry full of competitors, McQuagge is a man who has created a niche for himself and his company in the business world. He was quoted saying that success is not an accident. McQuagge credits all these to having an appropriate game plan and strategy.


A student of the University of Central Florida, McQuagge decided to major in Legal Studies Bachelor of Arts in the year 1982. Apart from his work with USHealth Insurance, he has also worked in close collaboration with institutions like Hope Kids Phoenix ,Semper Fi fund, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Health Market and Phoenix of New Orleans.

He started his career working with an insurance firm called Allstate in 1995 . Troy McQuagge has worked in similar capacities with companies like Freedom Life insurance of America. He worked with Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI).

Later on in his career he would be given the post of President for UICI Insurance Agency. In 1997 he joined UGA where the company would experience single sales records. Some of his expertise include skills in business management and administration, strategic planning ,product design , a master of the art of reinvention and the most notable one is executive leadership.

In the year 2010 his life changed when he was offered a job by US Health Group Inc. where he was tasked with the job of restructuring company operations. His work and commitment did not go unnoticed later on he would be appointed as the President and CEO of the same company. This commitment allowed Troy to take his leadership skills to the next level and apply them globally.

His educational background has made him popular in other fields apart from the health industry. Troy. McQuagge is a big wig in banking, finance ,accounting and many other sectors in business.


His work with US Health Group has made him popular and a famous face. A brief introduction of the firm is that it is an organization that gives health coverage to people who are self employed and to start up owners. He has done what some could a have called impossible, he transformed US Health that initially had issues when it came to distribution channels and supply of products and services that were in low demand . Since then, the company has grown to become a worldwide insurance staple and underwent plenty of changes . Their clientele have nothing but high praises for the man. The company is under a man who is committed to his work and his field resulting to the overall company profitability and growth. A number of his memorable achievements include;

i. Being given the title of CEO of the year during the One Planet Awards as the Gold Winner is one of the most notable career changing moments for Troy McQuagge. He succeeded in defeating the competition from sectors in the public, private domains ,nonprofit, small and large companies. This award is for the business leaders who have shown that they are the best in innovation, leadership ,corporate social responsibilities, new and better products and services and milestones in the industry.

The mission of One Planet Awards is to recommend business leaders and professionals who are ranging from various industries and companies from all over the world. During his acceptance speech he gave credit to his team mates who have been with him during his stay in the firm, to McQuagge it is all because of them that the overall innovative coverage has grown over the years.

ii. The growth of US Health Group and as one the most respected and best performing insurance coverage company in the whole of Texas, America, and Europe. Company share price has increased by a tremendous 1093% since 2010, the group is 10 times larger and expected to grow in the coming years.

iii. A standard of excellence was made when US Health Group was able to record sales for the 4th time consecutively in the year 2013. The total company sales has grown by $ 1 billion and increasing daily.

iv. He was named the most innovative CEO in the insurance industry in the annual CEO World Awards. Which is an award that is usually held to honor business leaders from all the corners of the world from North America, Middle East Africa, Latin America and Europe.

v. This year US Health Group won a Bronze Stevie award as Company of the Year and another Bronze Stevie Award for corporate social responsibility.

vi. This same year June 2017, Troy McQuagge won a Silver Stevie Award for executive of the year.

Final statement

Troy McQuagge is the definition of what commitment and passion is. He is not only a believer of success through hard-work, but also an individual who is glued towards his dreams. As much as he has educational qualifications, what McQuagge has is something that is inborn. His skills are things that cannot be learned at school but rather nurtured and inborn. He is a leader ,willing volunteer, a man of the people, a father, a man who has worked hard for everything that he has now. His work with charitable organizations like crisis nursery phoenix does not go unnoticed .His dream and goal to make US Health Group Inc. the best insurance group in America while at the same time offering the best customer service has been achieved and to him that is just the beginning. His knowledge, skill set and experience is unfathomable. To Troy McQuagge, the sky is just the limit and nothing can stop him.

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