Equities First Holdings on Track to Become Europe's Leader in Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings has worked to become one of the most innovative companies when it comes to stock-based loans, which are presently gaining traction on a massive scale. This has enabled the corporation to become one of the most acknowledged enterprises in the world of finance. Equities First Holdings was established in 2002, as a company committed to offering lending solutions to customers across the world. In particular, the company was formed to cater for credit services and allow customers to receive loans with publicly traded stocks as the security attached to the transaction. This company values its business by ensuring their clients get what they are looking for: the lowest rates of qualification criteria. The firm has benefited people in achieving their personal goals, as well as business financial goals. Their reach is universal with a focus on securities lending which allows clients to run operations on a deal by deal basis. Therefore, the company is committed to offering investors a straightforward and tailored transaction.

Equities First Holdings has been in operation for the last 14 years, and it has various branches in different parts of the world. For instance, the Equities First Holdings global expansion consists of offices in the United Kingdom, China, Australia, United States, Sydney, Bangkok and Hong Kong whereby its headquarters are situated in Indianapolis, Indiana with a satellite office situated in New York City. Thanks to an investment model that takes advantage of natural and organic cycles in the market. For the years the company has been in operation, it has managed to transact more than $ 1.4 billion, and the company is ideally hoping to spend more in few years since the number of borrowers has been significantly increasing over time. Equities First Holdings is celebrating the growth of its network since most of the people who were using banks have turned to the services this company is offering. The strategy of using credit-based loans has helped people to solve their problems in an economic crisis despite the fact that a financial crisis moment is described by the increased interest rates on loans. However, this company keeps on sustaining itself through the harsh economic crisis.

Since the establishment of the London office in 2013, Equities First Holdings has carried out a number of shareholder loans to professional investors worth billions. Equities First (London) Limited is authorized as well as regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom to deliver financing arrangements tailored to individual borrower needs. This branch is believed to have a successful track record since it lives and breathe equities-based lending every day. Substantially, the company holds a relationship with longtime strategic partners such as leading investment banks, the world’s largest banks as well as leading law firms both in international and local jurisdictions. For this reason, the company provides efficient solutions to businesses along with high net-worth individuals seeking non-purpose capital. Through this criterion, the company has specialized in a product developed to efficiently supply liquidity at attractive terms through a secure as well as the transparent process.

London, United Kingdom Equities First Holdings has used collateral as part of a loan agreement. This company is a global provider of shareholder financing. It announced that the agreement signed by Joel Leonoff, the chief executive of Paysafe plc had been repaid in full. The Paysafe plc transaction is the second most public repatriation of shares following Andrew Newland, the CEO of Angle PLC n 27th October full repayment. Ideally, this company up to this point since it’s their introduction to its workplace being in operation has met other responsibilities keeping this company ahead of the game thus influencing the growth and development of the firm.

Given that Equities First Holdings is a global money lender to individuals and financial institutions, the company is pleased with the progress achieved by London office which is spearheading the commitment of the firm of US $ 100m of further investment for lending to the European Professional market. Central to such an endeavor, Equities First Holdings based in the United States of America has announced its 15th anniversary to mark 700 transactions that have been completed successfully since its inception and delivered more than the US $ 1 Billion to clients in the past four years alone. Additionally, the full repayment of Andrew Newland’s shares, the company announced the portfolio that transacted United Kingdom loan agreement on the Equities First Holdings books, and the discussions continue with other potential clients in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Equities First Holdings Company is the only institution which offers the lowest interest rates on all their loan products internationally. The company has gained traction for maintaining their system and offering customers a fast option and one of the most excellent sources of working capital using stocks as security. One of the friendliest options borrowers have while choosing this institution which offers borrowers great options for credit. For that reason, borrowers are finding this option suitable given the fact that one can access loans that do not have volatile measures like interest fluctuations. Most importantly, Equities First Holdings offers a fixed interest rate that is spread over an extended period to allow the borrower to settle the credit easily. Unlike conventional loans, ideally, equities lending offers the borrower the ability to leave the loan at any time the individual feels like clearing credit. The company doesn’t impose stringent rules so as to limit borrowers or make it difficult to repay one’s loan. The rules and regulations of Equities First Holdings have changed the way lending institutions manage their clients, and this has influenced and changed the perception among borrowers.

In conclusion, securities-based lending is a long-standing financial tool used by governments, companies as well as individuals every day. It’s evident that very few financial institutions such as large commercial banks can offer non-recourse loans with a low cost of funds.

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