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Emmanuel Macro recently said that he wants France to be a country of innovators and launched a program to award researchers and entrepreneurs with a visa to France. Following this announcement, a startup in France has managed to raise $1.9 that will be used in the design of an electric propulsion system that will be used to serve the small satellite market. The firm with this initiative is called ThrustMe and was founded by two French nationals by the name Dmytro Rafalskyi and Ane Aanesland. These two individuals happen to be from the Ecole Polytechnique Plasma Physics Lab. In France, this lab is owned by French National for Scientific Research that has been attributed to several startups in the country.

The two scientists acknowledged that it’s not easy to raise money for a startup. However, they received help from Kima Ventures as well as from a group of angel investors from the Unites States and Europe. The project is expected to be completed in the next one and a half years. Other than funding the project, some of the proceeds will be used to secure customers for the company and also double the number of employees working in the French Startup. At the moment, the startup employs only eight people. The company is one of such companies in France trying to exploit an unexploited market. This is not the first time that the startup has received such funds. It was recently awarded $2.2 million by the French government to expand its operations and fund its research.

Many people have faith in the design of this company as it is said to have a double thrust compared to the existing thrusters in the market. Furthermore, the new design is small in size making a 40 percent of the previous designs. Other than size and speed, the company claims that their thruster is more efficient and can easily be integrated into smaller satellites. The founders of this French company say that they were able to deal with the problems in miniaturization by going to the basics of electrical engineering as well as electric space propulsion. Scientists say that the company enjoys worldwide exclusive rights due to its association with CNRS as well as Ecole Polytechnic. Among the individuals who have played a part in the design of the new design is Robert Laine. Robert has worked for EADS Astrium in the past as the chief technology officer. Another person who has contributed in the design is Jean-Jacques.

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