In France, Emmanuel Macron Won The Battle For Votes Just Like Trump, But The Battle Of Voices Is Still In Progress

President Macron

Emmanuel Macron is the new president of France. His ‘Republic on the Move’ political movement has 308 deputies in the National Assembly. That’s a majority in the lower house, and that number of deputies is a political revolution of sorts. But the loudest voices in French politics, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon won seats in Parliament over the weekend. Both politicians vow to make life miserable for the young president. Both political troublemakers only have a fraction of the votes in Parliament, but they both have a huge following in France. The battle of voices will get louder as Macron tries to accomplish things on his political agenda.

Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are masters of rebel-rousing, and they plan to do plenty of that as the election dust settles over the Eiffel Tower. Le Pen and Mélenchon have a knack for inciting anger and fear in millions of people, and that is their new mission. Both politicians want to get out of the EU, they don’t like capitalism, and they are fiercely against globalization. Le Pen’s stand on immigration is well-known, and the millions of French citizens are against it too. Macron sits on the opposition side of those policies, and in a similar, but different way, the French political situation mirrors the American political climate.

Macron is not the Donald Trump of France. Le Pen is more Trump-like than Macron. But there is a strong nationalistic undertow in France, and there are people in high places that would like to up-end Macron’s open door and globalization policies sooner than later. There are people in high places in the United States that would like to put an end to Trump’s nationalistic attitude and authoritarian tendencies. Millions of Americans want to send him back to Trump Towers with his sleazy tail between his legs. The political atmosphere in both countries is teetering on the verge of radical change but in different ways.

France is not teetering as much as the United States. Macron is still a credible choice, but in a country nervous about game-changing economic reforms, anything can happen. And just like the Democrats in the United States, Le Pen and Mélenchon will stir up enough fear to make Macron second guess himself. Macron is holding back the populist movement now, but his policies are already under a microscope, and that means he has a tough political road ahead.

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