A Group Of Parisians Are Protesting The 2024 Olympics Bid

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Everyone knows that Paris's Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. While most prominent French politicians are on Hidalgo's side, a small group of Parisians are protesting the games.

One of the leaders of the opposition to the 2024 Olympics is Frédéric Viale. Viale, a teacher, founded the group "NO to the 2024 Paris Olympics." As of today, this group has 50 members.

Although membership is quite small, Viale pointed out that around 20,000 people signed the group's petition. Viale said that's an impressive number, especially when you consider that the group didn't advertise on TV.

The main issue Viale has with the proposed Paris Olympics is the cost. As of today, city officials believe it will cost €6.6 billion to fund the 2024 games in "The City of Lights." One quarter of this money will come from taxpayers.

Viale said this €6.6 billion figure is probably a lowball estimate. He reminded reporters that the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro ran 51 percent over budget.

Viale's second major concern is the environment. He said that the concrete used in construction and carbon emissions from increased tourism can't be good for global warming.

Lastly, Viale pointed out that Mayor Hidalgo lied about her stance on the Paris 2024 Games. In the mayoral campaign, Hidalgo said she didn't support Paris hosting the Olympics, but now she fully supports it.

Hidalgo's flip-flop on the Olympic issue led one prominent French politician to call for a referendum. Danielle Simonnet, who works as a city councilor in the 20th arrondissement, wants Parisians to have the opportunity to voice their opinion on hosting the Olympic Games. Simmonnet is a member of the Insoumise party, which is famously led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Jacques Boutault was the only arrondissement mayor that refused to participate in Paris’s official bid for the Olympics. Boutault is the mayor of the 2nd arrondissement and is a member of the Europe Écologie Les Verts party.

Unfortunately, since most of the prominent people in the Parisian government support bidding on the Olympics in 2024, it's unlikely that an actual referendum will occur. Although Viale admits that Paris will most likely end up hosting the Olympics, he still believes his organization can make a difference.

Los Angeles is the only city competing against Paris for the 2024 Olympics.

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