France Making Bid for Olympics


The Olympic Games is a major spectacle that takes place every four years in one city across the world. At this time, the city will often bring in millions of visitors that are there to watch, cover, or participate in the games. While the 2020 games are already set to take place in Tokyo, it is now time for the planning committee to find a destination for the 2024 games (

While the 2024 games are still 7 years away, a winning bid will likely be awarded in the next year. One city that is making a major push to win the games will be the city of Paris, France. One of the major issues that some cities have with hosting the games is gaining public support. So far, it appears that the country of France will more than support the bid. According to a recent poll, over 73% of people that voted in a recent poll announced that they would support a Paris bid.

At this point, it remains to be seen who will win the ultimate bid. While several other cities across the globe are considering a bid as well, the two main competitors at this point seem to be Paris and Los Angeles. One disadvantage that both cities may have is the fact that they have hosted before and the selection committee may want to give the bid to a city that has never hosted the event before. Paris last hosted the Olympics in 1924 and Los Angeles hosted the Olympics in 1984.

While there is a clear benefit to having the games in your city, there are risks involved as well. In most major cities, there needs to be a lot of work done to accommodate the athletes, games and visitors. Many cities are required to build Olympic Villages, several new stadiums, and other structures to accommodate the need. This can often end up costing a city hundreds of millions of dollars. In some situations, this will result in costing the city far more than it would receive in additional tax and other revenues.

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