French President Emmanuel Macron Wants 2024 Olympics


Countries all over the world still want the prestige of hosting an Olympic Games. This is despite the fact that many previous Olympics have been economic disasters for countries like Brazil. French President Emmanuel Macron has made no secret of the fact that he wants Paris to host the Olympics in 2024. He has been working very hard to impress the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and get them to strongly consider the French capital to be the host city for the 2024 games. The final decision about the host city in 2024 will be made on September 13th when the IOC meets in Lima, Peru.

President Macron recently participated in a couple of sports to raise public awareness of France's attempt to attract the upcoming Olympics. He played a game of wheelchair tennis. He said afterwards that he has new respect for the athletes who participate in this sport because it is very difficult. He also put on some boxing gloves and hit some pads for a few minutes. Macron hopes that these publicity events will show that there is a very large public interest from the public in the Olympics returning to France after a prolonged absence.

Macron firmly believes that it is important to show the IOC that the president of France is completely supporting the effort to bring the Olympics to France. That is why he scheduled these public appearances involving Olympic sports. The Summer Olympic Games have not taken place in France since 1924. Macron believes that a century is a long enough wait for France. However, the United States is also making a very serious push to host the 2024 Summer Olympics in the city of Los Angeles. Macron feels that France has the advantage because the 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles.

During his campaign, Macron said that bringing the Olympics to France would be one of his top priorities if he was elected president. He has clearly shown that he is keeping his promise after he won the presidential election in April. It remains to be seen if his efforts will be enough to sway the opinion of the IOC. Macron said that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve in terms of convincing the IOC to choose France. However, he declined to elaborate about what those tricks are going to be. Macron said that Paris has the facilities and infrastructure to host an Olympics.

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