French Woman Spared Jail Time After Helping Lover Escape


Beatrice Huret, a French woman who helped her Iranian lover escape into Britain was spared jail time for the crime on Tuesday. According to the reports, Huret bought the bought at a cost of $1,130 and helped the lover cross the channel into Britain. She met the man when she was working as a volunteer at the Jungle Migrant Camp in Calais. It had been recommended that she face at least a year-long jail sentence for illegally helping refugees and endangering their lives. On arrival at the courthouse, the unapologetic Huret had told the people that she hoped they would understand what she did and why she did it.
She added that she was ready to take full responsibility for her actions. She confided that she was ready to give up her life and freedom for Mokhtar, and stated that the only problem would be that she would be unable to see the man from jail. After the verdict had been delivered, a relieved Huret was seen smiling as she left the courtroom. The prosecutor of the case had stated that Beatrice had put the lives of the Mokhtar, and two other Iranian men in great danger, by allowing them to cross one of the busiest waterways in Europe on a rickety boat.
The three had fortunately been rescued by British coastguards when their boat had started capsizing. The prosecutor added that even if solidarity and helping others were virtues, it was good to consider the conditions and the price at times. The prosecutor added that each year, thousands of men die in the Mediterranean while trying to cross into Europe.
On her part, Huret said that her life changed when she gave a lift to a Sudanese Refugee in 2015. She then started volunteering at the camp, where she met Mokhtar, 37. He was unable to get into England by lorry, which is why they planned the boat trip. Mokhtar now lives in the English city of Sheffield and has received asylum. Huret wrote a book about their meeting and love at first sight. The book, ‘Calais Mon Amour’ has earned her quite some attention as several filmmakers are fighting for its rights.
France demolished jungle camp and has taken a very stern stand against illegal immigration. Activists who help these immigrants by giving them transport and accommodation have been greatly criticized by the government agencies. There are locals who have been receiving thousands of Euros by aiding these immigrants to make their way into and around Europe.

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