France Announces Revolutionary Environmental Plan

Nicolas Hulot

Nicolas Hulot is the Minister for Ecological and Solidary Transition. He recently announced a ban on cars that use fossil fuel by 2040. The ban is France’s renewed commitment to the Paris climate accord. Hulot said that the plan is that France will become carbon neutral by 2050. Hulot stated that this was a revolution that was necessary if any change was to be made. Cars that use alternative means of energy such as electricity make up 5% of the total car market in France at the moment. Hybrid cars take a huge share of this with 3.5% while those that operate purely on electricity are only 1.2%. Hulot has been an environmental campaigner for many years. This was the reason why President Macron chose him to take up the position. Macron has criticized the environmental policy used by the US. Macron has urged the President of the United States to make our planet great again.

It is believed that the new vehicle plan was spurred by the decision of President Trump to withdraw from the Paris agreement in June. Minister Hulot said that it was necessary for the government to invest in the plan so that France could meet the target. He said that poor families would be assisted financially. This would help them to replace their older and polluting vehicles with electric ones. Volvo stated that it would start the production of partly electric vehicles from 2019. The car manufacturer said that electric power would be a standard in all the vehicles that they produce in the future. Hulot referenced this in the announcement and said that French car manufacturers should step up.

Hulot called on Renault and Peugeot-Citroen to try and meet the challenge because they would have an important role to play. Some of them have already started in the right direction. It is important to note that it will be difficult. The Zoe from Renault is one of the most popular electric vehicles in Europe. The environmental plan also includes a proposal to limit nuclear power to 50% of the total output and doing away with coal power plants by 2022. The government will not issue new gas exploration licenses to companies in the future. Several cities in France have already started to experience the effects of high levels of pollution in the air. Paris and other major cities endured a streak of peak pollution that spanned several days.

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