Donald Trump in France

As expected, the President of the United States announced through Twitter that he would be travelling to France after an invitation by the newly elected Emanuel Macron. Trump will be in Paris to celebrate the biggest day in French history and at the same time remember the day that the United States entered the Second World War. This trip offers Emanuel Macron the chance to establish a good relationship with the president of the free world after a false start between the two presidents earlier on. As for Donald Trump, this visit offers him the opportunity to escape from the domestic woes that have characterized his presidency.

This trip also comes at an opportune time when Emanuel Macrons looks like the only person caring about the European Union. Angela Merkel openly disguises President Trump while Britain looks set to leave the European Union. Other Southern European Union’s nations seem a little disinterested in everything that is happening. However, owing to his limitless confidence and a proven art of seduction, a lot is expected from the meeting between Emanuel Macron and Donald Trump. However, little is expected from this meeting owing that President Trump has openly expressed his admiration for Marine Le Pen in favor of Emanuel Macron who is the youngest French president in modern France. They also differ in opinions. For instance, President Macron is youth-oriented, pro-European and technocratic, unlike President Trump who stands for the opposite.

They also differ on the issue of Syria. As for Emanuel Macron, he doesn’t believe that President Bashir has to resign for there to be peace. President Trump believes that Bashir must first descend from power for peace to prevail in Syria. President Macron even invited Vladimir Putin to France where he urged Putin to pressure Syria and at the same time address the gay rights issue. However, Emanuel Macron knows that he must work with America at one given time. To make things worse for him, he realizes that it must be during President’s Trump era.

The realization that they must work together may be the reason why he has taken a softer line with the tough man. His first hope of working with Trump suffered a blow when America withdrew from the Paris Climate accord. On his part, Emanuel Macron made fun of the situation by setting up a campaign called Make Our Planet Great Again to mock President’s Trump election slogan of Make America Great Again.

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