French Military General Resigns

Gen. Pierre de Villiers

Emanuel Macron was recently challenged by the chief military officer of the French military. When the president responded to these questioning, the chief military officer decided to call it a quit in a long and illustrious career that spread over four decades. The military officer goes by the name Gen. Pierre de Villiers, and he is the first high profile public officer to resign since Emanuel Macron became the president of France. The two gentlemen disagreed on proposed budget cuts on the French military spending. Emanuel Macron had implicitly suggested that he was responsible for deciding on the military policy. He also criticized the long serving general for challenging his authority in public.

The New York Times reported that the president seemed to be confident about the judgment about military cut. The general saw that this could bring about difficulties in the future and this might be the reason why he offered his resignation letter which has since been accepted. This dispute began during a speech that was made by Emanuel Macron just a day before Bastille Day military parade. Emanuel Macron made public about the remarks by the general who had made this concerns in a closed meeting earlier on. Later on, the media revealed that the president was referring to the general.

Emmanuel Macron defended himself saying that he cannot condone some debates being made public. He was even furious saying that he is the chief and he has commitments to fulfil to the French people. The decision to cut military budget is in line with fulfilling requirements by the European Union to ensure that the budget spent on the military is less than three percent of the country’s gross domestic product. The president even used a blunt language during the speech. The language is a clear indication that the president can’t have his policies questioned in public. He even escalated the issue some days later when he was doing an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche. He said that if the general didn’t agree with the policy, the general had to quit.

However, during the resignation, the general still showed that he had French people’s interests at heart. He said that he questioned the policy as he felt that it was his job to express his concerns. He had been asked to oversee military budget of France cut by 20 percent. France currently has a military budget of just 32 million euros.

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