Scientists Flock to France

Climate Change

One month after Emanuel Macron invited scientists to apply for a work visa to France to research on the climate change, thousands of scientists have applied for the program. To make the situation interesting, most of these scientists are from the United States. The scheme is expected to cost France around 60 million Euros and was introduced after the United States withdrew from the Paris Accord that is aimed at eliminating global warming. Just the other day, Germany, through their Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that they would be implementing a similar program. These two nations seem to be getting back to the US for their decision to leave the accord.

This initiative branded as Make Our Planet Great Again was established on 8th June. France is giving up to 1.5 million Euros in a period of 4 years to scientists to fund their projects on climate change. An official from National Basic Research Agency known as Anne Peyroche confirmed that the program had been overwhelmed with applications from all over the globe. She noted that applications were being sent on an hourly basis. Out of this, 154 applied for long term projects while others sought to stay in the country for a short period. Out of these applicants, only 80 will be shortlisted in the next two months while about 50 winners will be announced several weeks later.

A scientist from the United States known as Ashley Ballantyne said that opportunities in the United States were limited especially concerning his field of study. At the moment. Ashely is a recognized bio-climatologist from the prestigious Montana University. In the past, he says that he has collaborated with French scientists from the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences in Paris. He concludes that he applied for this program as he saw an opportunity to formalize and at the same time strengthen ties with French scientists.

Another scientist from the United States known as Kim Cobb says that the offer is very attractive. As for Kim Cobb, he is a palaeoclimatologist from Atlanta, Georgia. He notes that scientists from the US are keenly following the debate whether the Congress will approve the budget cut by the Republicans. If the Congress passes this bill, he notes that many scientists will jump at the opportunity by Emanuel Macron. German officials say that they are ready to spend over 15 million Euros to back France on their endeavors. Scientists in France are behind their president in fighting climate change.

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