Emanuel Macron on the Decline

When Emanuel Macron became the President of France, he looked like this genius who had everything figured out. For instance, he had a plan of how he would reform the European Union, how he would accommodate bankers moving from London following the Brexit and how he would transform the labor regulations. Also, he had a plan of allowing thousands of tech researchers in the nation to make the nation great. However, reality seems to be catching up with the young president. During this whole period, it was clear that he would struggle with the unions and get locked in tough negotiations. It was also expected that he would struggle with the public sector and maybe disagree with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on some issues. What we didn’t know is whether Emanuel Macron would win these wars. Nevertheless, we never expected Emanuel Macron to give up on the issues that made the French people believe in him. This should not have happened within the first few months either. According to the spectator, Emanuel Macron is giving up on his ideas and dreams.

For instance, earlier this week, he decided to nationalize a shipyard in France. He did this to prevent the shipyard from being owned by the Italians. To make things interesting, he made this decision at the last moment making the shipyard publicly own. The ship yard is known as the St-Nazaire yard and was about to be owned by Fincantieri. Some people feel that the 21st economy does not depend on ship building and this decision was rather rush than calculated. Furthermore, the Italians are not evil asset stripers. Another area that Emanuel Macron seems to have failed is switching to the new tax deduction system where employees would be required to submit the PAYE rather than receiving their salaries and then submitting their taxes later.

Coming this autumn, Macron should be able to transform the fiscal austerity, stalled reforms as well as industrial protectionism if he is to rescue his presidency from a failed one. For those that can remember, French voters were angry during the past elections. This might have been propelled by the continuous economic decline, and this may also be the reason why they resulted to electing a radical central administration that had signs of improving the economy. This means that if the current regime fails, the situation in France will be darker than it was when Macron became president.

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