Vijay Eswaran Outlines the Importance of Networking in Modern Business

Vijay Eswaran has an incredible story, going from driving a cab to a net worth of over $550 million. How did he do it? Through the powerful leverage of network marketing, he was able to change not only his life - but the lives of thousands of people within his MLM business and now many more through his philanthropic endeavors. His tale is inspiring and informative, providing key insights that can help you to persevere when times get tough and wisdom that can shorten your path to success. Here are some of the keys that Vijay has uncovered in his own journey to the top:

Insight #1: Overcoming Conditioning.

Vijay found that it took several years for him to overcome the conditioning he received during his upbringing. His family and friends (especially his parents) had ingrained within him the belief that financial security was possible only by having a stable nine-to-five job. He worked hard to get a top-quality education (so he wouldn’t have to drive a cab his whole life) and land a job in the corporate world.

While getting his Master’s degree Vijay was introduced to network marketing. He kept it up as a side job for extra money, even after he started his “real” career. Yet, within a few years, his part-time MLM efforts were producing more income than his standard job! Even so, he found it difficult to change his mindset and abandon his traditional employment to jump into network marketing full-time. However, by this time, he had seen MLM work for years in his own life and was ready to make a change in his deep-seated attitudes. They were simply no longer serving his best interests.

You may struggle with similar preconceived notions or conditioning. It’s critical that you examine these beliefs, and consider changing them if they’re keeping you from achieving your true goals and dreams.

Insight #2: Learning to Serve Others.

At first, Vijay grew a team under the auspices of another MLM company, a foreign operation which ended up being too unreliable to be sustainable. In a meeting with over a thousand members of his team, he informed them that the enterprise wouldn’t be able to continue. Their reaction surprised him.

Rather than being upset or giving up, they encouraged Vijay to start his own MLM company. His team members let him know in no uncertain terms, that they believed in him - not some faceless corporation from another country. Vijay realized that it wasn’t just about his own income, it was about the meaningful difference he could make in each one of these people’s financial futures.

This motivation drove him to build a MLM company that would improve their lives. Having the goal of serving others helped him to weather the inevitable challenges that arose in his journey towards building an impressive network marketing enterprise.

Insight #3: Giving Is How We Get.

Perhaps another way of saying the same thing, putting others first can bring about wonderful effects in your life. A feeling of satisfaction. Peace. An abundant mentality that draws ever more prosperity into every aspect of your experience (spiritual, relational, emotional and financial).

Vijay tells the story of the best commission check he ever received, to strongly convey this truth. He was approached by an elderly woman, who shared how the opportunity to be a part of Vijay’s MLM business, made it possible for her to send her grandchildren to school. She didn’t have any money to give Vijay in order to thank him - so she gave him a bag of vegetables she had grown in her garden. This simple expression of gratitude touched Vijay more deeply than the largest check ever could.

To be successful in network marketing, you have to give back to those around you. You must help your team succeed in their own right, if you’re to succeed as well. Take your cue from Vijay, and learn that giving is how you get. In other words, you reap what you sow - so sow the right seed and do so abundantly!

Insight #4: Looking Within.

Vijay accredits much of his success, to his daily practice of one hour of silence. He reports that this time allows him to quietly think about the future, strategize, write out plans and even meditate. It also helps him to get comfortable with himself, without all of the usual distractions in life. While you may think that you don’t have enough time to “waste” an hour each day in this way, Vijay reports just the opposite. He finds that investing 60 minutes each morning in silent preparation, allows him to maximize his productivity in the other 23 hours each day!

This is a common theme among successful people. They don’t let the requirements or schedule of the day push them around or change their preparations. They are intentional. They are proactive. They plan ahead. They try to foresee challenges and needs before they arise. In this way they tend not to be reactionary in business, but visionary instead. Financial rewards are most often the result of this shift in thinking.

Insight #5: It Takes Timing, Perseverance and 10 Years.

Vijay’s favorite quote regarding perseverance is by Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter. Stone said that, “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” (1) Vijay has found this to be true in his own experience, adding that most people give up too soon. They are usually over halfway to success, maybe as close as 10 feet from their goal, but ultimately they give up short. To illustrate this point, Vijay recounts how most climbers that turn back or quit when trying to summit Mt. Everest, are actually only 10-20% from the top!

If you want to rise to the top and achieve your financial dreams, it’s vital that you don’t stop short of your goals.

Insight #6: The Truth Sells.

Vijay stresses the importance of being authentic and transparent. While systems, products, strategies and so on can evolve and change over time, building a winning MLM team requires true passion, vision and a feeling of being in it together. He strove to be open and honest with his team, and work with people that had the same belief and drive that he possessed. Ultimately, this allowed his team members to buy into Vijay himself, much more so than any product or even particular company.

Insight #7: Living With a Sense of Urgency.

Vijay wrote his latest book, Two Minutes From the Abyss to convey this singular thought. He believes that we should all be living with a sense of urgency, as our time is not guaranteed. He learned this startling truth when driving high up in the mountains. During a stop, Vijay saw a young monk sitting only two feet from the edge of a cliff. When the monk finished his meditations and walked back to the road, Vijay asked him why he sat so close to the dangerous precipice. The monk replied that the great truth was, that we are all always that close to falling into the abyss.

With this sobering principle firmly in mind, Vijay believes that we should seize this day and live it to the fullest. Don’t wait until tomorrow to accomplish your dreams, or wallow in failures of yesterday. Instead, commit yourself to today and it’s promise. This will not only help you to succeed financially, but in all aspects of life.

A Move To Philanthropy.

After using these insights to gain success in the realm of business, Vijay has turned to philanthropy in an effort to impact the lives of even more people. You could argue that he has been practicing a form of philanthropy all along, as he discovered that even in business, you receive more when you give abundantly of your time, expertise, energy, enthusiasm, empathy and resources.

His charitable foundation supports programs for sustainable community development, appreciation of the arts and environmental conservation (2). Vijay’s foundation also has a particular passion for education, with their legacy program providing nearly 1,200 scholarships for students. In addition, they are building a $1.2 billion educational campus, where students can live and learn. The 26 acre complex is astonishing in scope and even includes a full medical teaching hospital.

Vijay truly embodies the truths that he espouses, and he has turned to giving back as way to enrich the future. If you’re seeking to learn the principles of success from someone who is already there, then taking the above truths to heart is a wise choice.

Doing so may help you to speed up the realization of your own goals, by taking advantage of the experience of others to accelerate your learning curve - and ultimately your life.

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