Paris Will Host the 2024 Olympics

Paris Olympics

With a city like Los Angeles making a serious bid for the 2024 games, competition was fierce. However, Paris persisted—and won. Los Angeles will have to settle for 2028. And for many athletes in France, the global interest that will ensue is incredibly exciting. After all, France is usually not particularly well-known for its athletic prowess. Countries such as the United States and China are usually at the top of scorecards when it comes to medal counts.

However, France's sport minister is now determined to make her country more successful. And if anyone can inspire a country's athletes to reach for greater heights, it is Louise Flessel. After all, she has more medals to her name than any other female athlete in France. With a whopping five medals for fencing in her possession, Flessel is extremely enthusiastic about her country's chances when that Olympic torch comes to town in seven years. The minister has stated that she is heartened by the popularity of cricket and believes that it can also assist in uplifting France's profile for the 2024 games. Although the sport is very popular around the world, it hasn't been included in the Olympic Games for over 100 years now. However, many in the cricket community have been lobbying very hard to change this reality so that cricket fans around the planet will have the chance to see their favorite players take to the field for their respective countries.

Although Flessel has only been in the role of sports minister for a few months now, she is already transforming the athletic profile of her beloved nation. Stating that she believes it would be valuable for more French people to participate in sports, Flessel has spoken of the need for more recreation centers. She does not believe that socioeconomic status or lack of funds should limit anyone who wants to participate in sports, which is why she is planning to open up about 500 new sports centers. Another focus will be coaching, which Flessel believes is crucial to any good sports programs. By encouraging former athletes to become involved through coaching, Flessel thinks that young, aspiring Olympians and others will benefit.

With soccer sensation Neymar now playing for a French team, perhaps France will truly experience an athletic renaissance. If Louise Flessel is able to carry out her dreams, the future of France looks very mighty indeed.

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