More Opposition for Emanuel Macron

President E. Macron

If you are familiar with House of Cards, a Netflix presidential drama, you definitely know Claire Underwood. She is the fictional future first lady of the United States. She portrays the dilemma that arises for a modern day political spouse. According to Claire Underwood, it’s very tough for a modern woman who has her ambitions and desires to succeed. There is a moment where she tells Frank Underwood, the President that there was a moment they used to satisfy each other. She then continues to say that she has discovered that is a lie. She says that she only makes him stronger and wishes he was never the president.

For the past few days, this is what has been happening to Emanuel Macron, president of France. As Macron campaigned to become president of France, he promised that he would establish an office of the first lady and assign her some responsibilities. This is a role that has no recognition in France. When speaking to a French newspaper, Emanuel Macron described the position of the first lady as unrewarding and ill-defined. He mentioned that the first lady is subject to a five-year sentence. According to Macron, he described the marriage as being full of thumb-twiddling nothingness. He mentioned that he would not want to wish any human being to such kind of life.

However, this suggestion has not been welcomed well by the French People. An online public petition has already been developed and has 200,000 signatures many of whom say that there is no need for a first lady office. They also say that a first lady should not be given public funds for whatsoever reason. This will be a difficult office to set up considering that the president already has a bill in parliament that is seeking to end the nepotism that is widespread in the country. Many French MPs are accused of hiring their family members.

With regards to this issue, Emanuel Macron can be compared to Francois Fillon who tried to change the French politics by preventing government and senior people from influencing public recruitment. Unfortunately, he failed at his backyard when he was found guilty of hiring his children and wife. Despite having some good thoughts about the first lady, some members of his party have openly said that they don’t support the idea. At the end of the day, many people feel that presidents usually use their spouses to win elections.

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