Another Win in 50-km walk for Yohann Diniz at the Word athletics Championship

Yohann Diniz

In his late 30s, Yohann Diniz produced an astonishing win on Sunday which makes him the oldest man to ever win the athletics champion title. The 39-year-old managed to produce the fastest record of 3 hours 33 minutes 12 seconds in the race. Expressing his happiness, he blew kisses to his fans at Buckingham on his last circuit. In fact, it was a long waited win that had pushed him to exercise more vigorously after losing at the Rio Olympic final in 2012.

The French world record holder finished first ahead of two of another two Japanese male walkers; silver medalist Hirooki and bronze medalist Kai Kobayashi. In fact, they crossed the finishing line nine minutes later after Yohann Diniz. As per the World Athletic championship records, Diniz emerged the oldest male champion of the year in any event held. In an interview with France International news, he still insisted that he needed the Rio Olympic title before going on a retirement.

Interestingly, the three-time European Champion at one point suffered a severe intestinal and malaise attack on the course of the race but he rose to finish eighth out ten. It is in some way perceived to be reason he practiced harder. In fact, the 8 minutes gap was quite impressive that the two Japanese athletes failed to cover to beat him. Speaking after the race, Diniz said that he completely avoided watching television on the previous night because he never wanted anxiety to take the better part of him. With a determined spirit, he went straight to bed at 9 pm with expectations that Sunday 13th was going be his day and indeed it was dreams come true for him. For instance, at times most athletes are advised to avoid watching television in order to do away with unnecessary excitement; most have confessed that it is not easy to contain such excitements. Not to forget, the 39-year-old Frenchman had a hectic season struggling with two broken ribs.

In the Sunday 13th race, Diniz received an overall of three warnings. As in other races, Diniz started the race with an early lead which opened a 3 minute lead. Shortly after the mid race, he increased his pace widening the gap by an additional 3 minutes ahead of his toughest competitors. Actually, Diniz took the advantage of this gap to accelerate further to become the world athletics champion.

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