Chris Burch: The Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and International Hotelier

Chris Burch is a man with an innovative vision when it comes to resorts, hotels, and alternative living spaces.
If you're not familiar with Chris' luxurious and exotic hotel destinations, keep on reading as we dive into his entrepreneurial path and the many accomplishments he has made along the way.
But first, let's go over some brief information about how Chris got to where he is now.
Who is Chris Burch?
Chris Burch is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. During his 40 year career, he has participated in the success of more than 50 companies and he has done this by applying his investment skills, sourcing experience, and his understanding of consumer behavior. His field of expertise ranges from financial services, apparel, technology, and hospitality, just to name a few.

Some of his recent business endeavors include the investment in ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Coccoon9, and co- founding the luxury fashion label, Tory Burch. You could say that Chris Burch is a marketing and branding genius with an intuitive skill that gives him insight into what consumers truly want from a product. But out of all of his recent projects, one that is especially impressive involves an exotic resort called Nihi Sumba Island in South East Asia.
His Path to Success
As with most entrepreneurs, Chris Burch’s path to success began during his college years. While attending Ithaca college, he didn't wait until graduation to begin building his empire. In fact, he and his brother invested $2000 into the launch of a company called Eagle Eye Apparel all while finishing up their undergraduate studies.
They got their start by selling sweaters door to door on their college campus and nearby areas. In just a relatively short amount of time, the company managed to sell for an estimated $60 million. While launching this company, Chris Burch quickly learned how to develop direct to consumer marketing plans and find efficient production sources. By taking this route, he was able to develop
his entrepreneurial mindset which lead him to the success he has today.

The Resort
His resort is called Nihi Sumba Island and it is located in a remote area of Indoensia. In 2012 Chris joined forces with a close friend, hotelier James McBride, and they both created a luxury resort made up of 27 villas, which blend seamlessly into the region's natural features. You could say that the resort weaves itself into the island's jungle and beach scenery all while integrating it into the interior areas of the villas to give visitors a truly unique experience.
The villas are constructed out of teak wood and natural stone and they are nestled in between palm trees, forest shrubbery, vines, and hill top views. Burch's construction style came from the idea of finding elegance in a place where most would not expect to find it while leaving any and all natural surroundings undisturbed.
The name “Nihiwatu” means “mortar stone” and the beach was given this name because it’s large, striking rock formation on the edge of the beach.
While staying at Nihi, you can lounge around and relax at the resort, take a safari ride across opposite ends of the island, go on a guided 90-minute hike that takes you to a waterfall that you can dive into, or hop on boat ride to explore the other parts of the island.
The villas range in size and visitors can choose from one bedroom villas, duplexes, and estates. Each villa has a breath-taking view of the island's coastline and a private pool for visitors to enjoy. During the low seasons, rates can start at roughly $750 per night for smaller villas, but a larger five-bedroom accommodation can cost visitors up to $14,000 a night.
International Appeal
Although Chris has built luxury homes in domestic locations like Palm Beach, Nantucket, and South Hampton, he has also constructed luxury homes and hotels internationally. As previously mentioned, he rehabilitated Nihi Sumba Island, but his past partnership with Alan Faena, another famous hotelier, also gave birth to the Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Miniature Homes
Along with his hotel and resort development, Burch has broadened his horizons and launched Cocoon9, a project that develops miniature homes with modern and high-quality construction. Cocoon9 builds homes ranging in 8’ x 20’ 160-square feet to 12’ x 40’
480-square feet dimensions. These homes are built in just four months, they can be easily installed and transported, and they are precision-engineered and built to last. Along with these features, miniature homes are energy efficient, space saving, and even mobile. These homes are also affordable and range from the $75,000-$225,000 price range.
Giving Back to Those in Need
We can't deny that Chris Burch has gained a lot of success through his business endeavors, but coupled with his passion to succeed, he also has enjoys giving back to his community. We could say that Chris is a bit of a philanthropist since he currently works with The Sumba Foundation which is funded by a portion of Nihi Sumba Island’s profits. This foundation provides humanitarian aid and support to the Sumbanese people while fostering community-based projects related to health, nutrition, water health, and education. Every society needs someone who can bring something back, Chris has ensured he leaves a legacy.
Chris also supports various charitable activities and medical training carried out by NY Langone and New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital. He has also worked with several Asian foundations including The Child Welfare League of China and The China Association of Social Work. These are just a few of the several charitable organizations Chris has enjoyed supporting.
What's Next?
With all the past projects and achievements Chris has accomplished, his current plans involve expanding Nihi Hotels to build resorts located closer to North America which will be more accessible to Millennial travelers.


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