Emmanuel Macron Travels to St. Martin Islands

Saint Martin

There is good news for the residents of St. Martin islands after Emanuel Macron toured the island. There were some concerns that the European countries were unprepared for the disaster. Instead, the young French president promised the residents that the island would be reborn. Emmanuel Macron was touring the territories that had been damaged by Hurricane Irma alongside the Dutch King. He brushed off the rumors that European governments were racist in their reactions. At the same time, he denied any suggestion that the European powerhouses were slow to act. The Dutch Red Cross says that there are approximately 200 people missing following the disaster. St. Martin is divided into two parts, and it’s administered by French and Dutch officials. St. Maarten falls under the jurisdiction of Holland while St. Martin is a France territory. Earlier last week, the French president said that 11 people had died in the French territory. Four people also died in the territory owned by Netherlands. This brings the number of people who have died in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma to 35 people. Close to 33 percent of the buildings in the Island were destroyed completely. Around 90 percent of the buildings in the area sustained small or minor damages. French officials promised that they would use drones to better assess the damage situation in the island.

In another French territory known as Guadeloupe, Emmanuel Macron said that the safety of the islands is the top priority of his government at the moment. He promised to shake up procedures and rules so that life could return to normal in the islands. Other than a fast process, the French president also promised well-done jobs. At the moment, there is a standoff in France following protects against the labor reforms that were recently suggested. Macron said that 2,000 security forces had been sent to the island. He also promised the dispatch of 50 million Euros into the island. French officials noted that power supplies in the region had been affected. At the same time, the officials said that it would take close to 90 days for normalcy to return to the region including water supplies. Britain also sent its foreign secretary to address residents who were irritated by the slow reactions. Britain owns numerous islands in the Pacific region. Some of these islands include Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla as well as the British Virgin Islands. Among the issues that residents are struggling with include food and shelter.

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