Change of Attitude by Emmanuel Macron

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron is known for many things, but arrogant has never been one of them. However, a recent article by the Politico was keen to elaborate on the arrogance of the strongest man in France. For instance, there is a moment when Emanuel Macron was caught on Camera lecturing a cleaner. He was telling him about the importance of hard work if he was to achieve nice things in life. However, as elections approached, the French president decided to distance himself from any controversy. He decided to switch to a cheaper tailor who was designing his clothes. Back then, Emmanuel Macron was the French economy minister. The French people were willing to forgive him for his elitism. However, as he begins the third quarter of his first year as French president, the people of France seem to have lost the forgiving touch. While his ratings continue to fall, signs that the rot will stop anytime are nowhere to be seen. Going by the words of his political rival Jean Luc Melenchon, France will see the largest protest in years this weekend. These protests are geared towards the reforms that have been implemented by the French premier. Rather than trying to understand the pain of the protesters, the president is busy issuing warnings and threats. He even referred to the protestors using the term slackers.

When confronted by journalists about using the word, he had no regrets, and they truly deserved the criticism. These words combined with liberal economic reforms are things that most of his supporters’ term as infuriating. They say that since he vowed to unify France using the La Republique en March movement, he should be doing more than he is doing currently. Members of his party strongly argue that Emanuel Macron has been changed by the presidency. This way, he has resolved to alienate the same people who helped him rise to power. A local organizer for Macron’s party known as Tiphaine Beaulieu says that the hurting thing about the choice of words by Macron is that it brings a form of condescension to his supporters. He further says that the president should realize that these supporters could easily turn to opponents. Many politicians in France describe the latest attitude by Macron using the word arrogance. There are people who have received these words the same way people could receive a slap on their face. It shows that Emmanuel Macron doesn’t care anymore.

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