Tickets on sale for new 'millenials' airline


According to, Air France has a new lower-cost subsidiary airline that is targeting millennial travelers.

The new airline is called Joon, and its destinations include cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto. Airline officials said Joon will have 37 weekly flights to Berlin, 28 to Lisbon, 51 to Barcelona, and three to Porto.

Joon will begin medium-haul service from Charles de Gaulle on December 1, 2017. Long-haul service is scheduled to begin in summer 2018. The airline's long-haul destinations will include Fortaleza, Brazil and the Seychelles. Three other destinations currently served by Air France will also be served by Joon instead.

Intra-Europe tickets begin at €39, which includes a snack and one piece of carry-on luggage. However, passengers who want to take extra baggage or have ticket change flexibility will pay more.

Joon is not meant to be an ultra-low-cost carrier in the mold of Ryanair. For example, Joon's flights will offer business class.

According to Air France's director general, Franck Terner, the airline represents a middle ground between airlines like Ryanair and carriers like Air France or Lufthansa. Air France hopes Joon will help them compete with budget carriers and heavily subsidized airlines based in Gulf states.

According to Air France, Joon is "especially aimed at a young working clientele, the millennials (18 to 35 year-olds), whose lifestyles revolve around digital technology."

The new airline was the subject of intense negotiation between Air France and its pilots' union. The pilots had previously gone on strike to protest the expansion of Air France's low-cost subsidiary Transavia.

The pilots on Joon will be paid according to the same standard as pilots who fly for Air France. However, the hiring of positions like air stewards and ground personnel will be outsourced.

Joon will have 28 planes and expects to employ approximately 1,000 cabin crew.

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