Market America Unfranchise: The Right Attitude Makes Everything

The right attitude plays a large role in your Market America Unfranchise business. Without it, there’s uncertainty and little drive to really get it going. Having that positive mindset of success and the ability to improve your attitude will translate into success for your business. Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales for Market America, is a huge proponent of having the right attitude. On top of being VP of Sales, he’s also been an UnFranchise owner since 1995. As part of his Basic 5 series, Winkler talked about the power of having the right attitude and knowledge to relate your message. He says that without both of those, “it may not come across the right way.” This means it’s more important now than ever to examine these key business traits and see whether or not you’re using them properly in your UnFranchise business.


The first thing you’ll want to do is keep up with Market America’s newest features and news. You can do this by checking in on JR Ridinger’s blog site. Rather than getting caught up in unreliable sources, opt to stick to news outlets that are well-known and reputable. The Better Business Bureau is one of these resources, on which Market America has an A+ rating. In addition to the great reputation of the company, it’s clear that Market America Unfranchise is standing on strong ground. Revenue growth has been steadily increasing over the past number of years. Know that you’re part of a system and company that values each of its UnFranchise owners, and you’ll feel pride in your work.


Winkler believes that the things separating those who succeed and those who fail is what people are willing to do. Successful people are willing to do more to create success for themselves. “Attitude comes before the money”, says Winkler. His belief is that before you gain traction in your business, you need to have the right attitude. So rather than coming up with excuses why the business is not going to work, you need to adjust your beliefs so that you believe that it can work. Winkler relates that in his early years, he was working 60 hours a week. People were not focused on what he had already accomplished, but rather, what he was capable of accomplishing. It was because he had the right attitude, and people noticed. They were interested in getting on board with Winkler because he had the potential to be a real success.


People aren’t born successful, they have to work for it. Winkler says that he’s more of an introvert than an extrovert, so business wasn’t always a nature arena for him. He’s gotten far in business without having any leg up. He has learned business skills on his own accord. He used a series of methods for developing the right attitude in the Market America UnFranchise business, and they worked. His first suggestion is listening to audio recordings every day. There are many Market America recordings available, and they provide a wealth of invaluable information. You can listen in the car, while working out, and at the grocery store.


The next thing he suggests is having a weekly call with your senior business partner. Holding that relationship in high esteem and keeping a consistent level of communication will boost your business knowledge. Be prepared for each call, especially if you’re not good at remembering your questions on the spot. Write down the items that you want to go over and take good notes during the call.


Winkler additionally suggests participating in meetings and conference calls. It’s important to stay connected with the Market America community. Go beyond merely posting and communicating on social media. Structure meetings and even create a formal agenda of items to discuss and bring up. Beyond meeting with your team members, Winkler says it’s also vital to associate with positive people. There are positive and negative people in this world, he explains. Being around positive people really makes or breaks your mindset and attitude towards your Market America UnFranchise business. Winkler poignantly says that the older he gets, the less time he has for negative people.


On the topic of people to be around, it’s important to find your go-now people. These are people who understand what you are saying and apply it. Winkler gives the example of working for five hours with an individual, who then turns around and works for 15 hours. This example clearly shows exponential results from a time investment. People who can take smaller increments of instructions and motivation, and turn these into tangible action are just the go-now people you want to be around. Imagine the opposite - working with someone who needs you to constantly reassure them and provide them with instructions and motivations. These types of people will not only cause themselves to drag behind, but will also take huge chunks of time and energy from your day. If you don’t have go-now people around you, you need to become one. Then you’ll have to go find some more to join you. It will be worth the effort put into finding them since they will create their own success and future with minimal input and motivation from you.


From the get-go, Winkler says it’s important to view the Market America UnFranchise plan as a business and not as a hobby. Look at it as a million dollar business if that’s what you want it to be. Take it seriously and the attitude you have towards it will manifest through all of the positivity and hard work that you put towards it. Don’t have a “see what happens” attitude. That’s where you start off small and see how the business progresses. If you have that mentality, then you’re looking at a hobby, and not a serious business. A hobby costs you money, it doesn’t bring you money.


The right attitude is a large determining factor in the success of your Market America UnFranchise business. Use the tips outlined above to adjust your thinking, and foster a go-now attitude in your team members. The right attitude makes everything!



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