Arrest Of Chakib Limane


Terrorism is highly prohibited in most countries; any material related to dread is considered life-threatening hence individuals connected are considered to have committed a criminal act. Therefore, Chakib Limane, a 34-year-old who resides in northern France was arrested for putting on a shirt branded bin, Laden. The authorities claimed that he had attempted to awaken terrorism hence the court put aside the jogger’s funny side. His arrest was in June where he was spotted with a Barcelona shirt with the name of the late Al-Qaeda leader at the town centre in a shop.

More unveilings

The security staff was worried; hence they informed the police. While in investigations over Chakib were taking place, he claimed that his reason was that he worn the shirt to see the people’s reaction. The cops were thorough on him hence they visited his home where they found several other shirts with names of other individuals known to be notorious in terrorism such as Chemical Ali who was supported by Saddam Hussein the killing of 5000 Kurds in 1988 during a gas attack.

In the court of Law

His lawyer argued on his behalf that he had no terrorist intentions since the point was that he just had the shirt on for fun. His lawyer was firm in his argumentation in court as he asked the court to distinguish between provocation and terrorism glorification since all the jogger did be putting on the shirt. The courts were firm in their jurisdiction since evidenced exposed that he also had photos of bin Laden and jihadist video on his computer. The biography also pinned down chakib's lawyer as the biography of Laden ‘Behind the Mask of Terror’ showed he was an arsenal fan while he resided in London. Any sign of awakening terror has been clamped down by the courts and authorities of French since the last attack 2015 where 240 people died.

Eradicating crime

The country became cautious that in 2013, a mother was arrested for sending her son to school putting on a sweater tagged that he was a bomb and that he was born on September11. She was suspended to jail for glorifying crimes associated with terror. Pleading for innocence was futile was futile because an ordinary lawyer in the local town who had complained said that idiocy creates room for the hiding of real intentions that individuals have. Therefore, individuals should be cautious of conducting activities that result in criminal acts. There has been a lot of effort put in place to ensure no more crimes are experienced in the country.

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