Woman Fakes Being Kidnapped

Sometimes, people will go to extreme lengths to be with the person they love. A woman in France faked her kidnapping just so that she could be with the man she loved, but she is now facing possible charges because of all of the efforts from law enforcement that were used during the search for her. When the woman went to court, she was given a suspended jail sentence of six months. Sandy Gaillard views herself as a member of the far-right National Front. Although she is only 25 years old, she caused quite the commotion when officers learned that she was allegedly kidnapped.

At least 50 officers and soldiers participated in the search for Sandy once they learned that she had been kidnapped. There was also a helicopter involved in the search. Sandy and her husband were separated. She started seeing another man and wanted to be with him. However, she met another man and decided that he was the one she loved. She concocted a scheme to tell people that she had been kidnapped so that she could get away from the first two men and be with the third. Her plan backfired, and she was charged with faking her kidnapping.

Sandy was ordered to see a psychologist for any mental issues that she might have and ordered to pay a fine of $5,800. One of the men who Sandy was seeing at the time told police that he had received a text from her stating that she was locked in the trunk of a car. Officers searched for almost 24 hours for the woman. She finally showed up and had no signs of any injuries on her. She told officers that the people who kidnapped her decided to let her go of their own free will. The new man in her life was not involved in the story.

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