Thousands Join Together to Save a 13th Century Castle in France

The Mothe-Chandeniers Castles

The Mothe-Chandeniers castles in France has a rich history. Constructed in the 13th Century, the chateau was on two occasions captured by the English during the French Revolution. After being restored soon after the conclusion of the revolution, it was again destroyed during a fire in the 1930s. Unfortunately, the once majestic and esteemed castle still has the scars of its difficult history till this day. However, that is all destined to change following the decision by thousands of well-wishers to donate towards restoring the palace to its previous glory.
The well-wishers number 6,500 in number. They all met and networked through the internet, with each committing to donate €51 to make the total of €500,000 needed to both buy and restore the castle. On account of their contributions, each of the 6,500 participants is now a joint-owner of the centuries’-old structure. The journey towards refurbishing the structure commenced with a crowdfunding campaign run by an organization by the name ‘Adopt a Castle.' The campaign, which has been an immense success, only started two weeks ago.
While the castle is French, the 6,500 people who took part in the campaign are drawn from 45 different countries, thus showing the high degree with which French culture and heritage is revered. The involvement of the participants in the refurbishment process will not just end at the raising of funds but will also continue well into the restoration process. They will all be invited to give their ideas on the restoration process in an online forum. Further, once the process is complete a few months from now, the 6,500 participants will be the first guests to get a tour of the castle.
Currently, part of the castle has been overrun with vegetation. However, its arches and ornate balconies are still quite visible, thus painting an image of what the impervious structure once looked like in the past.

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