Butter Conundrum In France

There is a shortage of butter in Paris and in other cities across France. This shortage has resulted in a decrease in the sales of croissants and other types of pastries. These are some of the items that are often seen on holiday tables in homes and businesses. If butter is not readily available soon, then it could impact the economy as France is known for the pastries that it sells to residents as well as customers around the world.

The shortage is mostly seen in grocery stores and markets in the city instead of businesses that sell pastries. However, since businesses can't get butter when it's needed, then they have to settle for other options regarding butter on the croissants and pastries served and as an ingredient in what is made. The reason for the shortage of butter is because there has been a decrease in the supply of milk in Europe. Normandy has seen the worst shortage. There are stores in France that are now alerting customers about the shortage so that they know what to expect.

Because of the shortage of butter, the price of the product has increased about 60 percent. The Yule log could be in jeopardy as many pastry businesses specialize in this dessert for the holiday season. Butter is a product that has been in high demand across the world, especially in China and the Middle East where residents don't usually have access to the product. Shop owners have worked with the same producers of butter for decades, but they are now being forced to spend more money ordering butter from other countries. There are owners who are searching desperately for the ingredient so that they can make the products that are desired by customers. Magazines and other media outlets have posted ways that people can cook without using butter if necessary.

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