The French Presidents Firm Migration Policy Tarnishes the Human Rights Touch

President Macron

The clock is ticking, and the winter is getting colder. Regional authorities are working round the clock to meet the deadline set out by the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Macron issued a directive that all the illegal immigrants or refugees who did not qualify for asylum status would be deported before the end of 2017. The directive is not likely to be implemented before the deadline expires and Paris is tightening the laws on immigration.

The incentives put in place by the Macron administration include piling pressure on the immigrants in France for commercial purposes, allowing emergency centers to conduct divisive identity checks and the ramping up of expulsions from the country. Critics of the French government have argued that the stringent immigration policies that have been implemented by President Macron contradict his image to the world as a humanist who used anti-immigrant populist as a campaign vehicle to the presidency. Macron has also been considered to cross the line that has not been passed by any other former head of state in a country that prides itself as a human rights cradle.

From the French borders with Germany and Spain to the snowy Alpine passes, illegal immigrants keep moving to France. In the last two years, 30,000 people have been evacuated by the police while camping in the sidewalks of Paris. There is no doubt that the immigration policies in France need to be fixed with the long and bureaucratic periods required to attain an asylum status and the perennial shortage in affordable housing.

According to a statement issued by a government official, only 33% of the 95,000 immigrants who applied for asylum status were granted this year. Asylum status in France gives the rights and privileges to access affordable temporary and affordable housing. The substantial makeshift camp in Calais that was dismantled a year ago is characteristic of the problems that are evident in France right now. The residents in the port city in the English Channel were dispersed around the country while others keep coming with hopes of one day reaching to the United Kingdom where they are not welcomed.

According to the highest immigration administrative body in Paris, the immigrants have been put to degrading and inhuman conditions. Another report from an investigation that was ordered by the minister for interior inferred that the police used excessive force on immigrants as human rights activists watched. Macron has previously stated that he wants migrants out of the woods and out of French streets.

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