Iran Warns The French President Not To Follow Trump Blindly

President Macron

On Sunday, President Macron of France received sharp criticism from Tehran over his tough stance towards Iran. Iran warned that France risked losing its credibility among the community of nations if President Macron blindly followed Donald Trump, the US president. Afte Macron made sentiments that Tehran should be less aggressive in the Middle East, tensions between France and the Islamic state have escalated in the recent months. Unlike the US president, Emmanuel Macron has committed to deal with Iran if did not cease the aggressiveness in the Middle East. Iran made a deal with the community of nations through an agreement signed in 2015. The agreement made it clear that Tehran would abandon its nuclear missile program in exchange for the lifting of the international embargo.

The lead advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Akbar Velayati, said that President Macron should not follow the United States blindly. Velayati added that for Paris to retain its credibility among the community of nations, it should not follow the sentiment of US president Trump blindly. Velayati also strongly criticized Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Haley presented pieces of evidence that there were parts of a missile from Iran that were supplied to the Houthi militia in Yemen. The Houthi militia is believed to be closely allied to the Iranian government. Nikki Haley described the missile parts as evidence that was conclusive that Iran was openly violating resolutions made by the United Nations.

Velayati said that Haley lacked basic decency or any knowledge in science and engaged in irresponsible and clueless talk just like her boss, the US president Trump. However, Paris took a cautious stance on the report presented to the United Nations by Nikki Haley. The deputy spokesman of the ministry of foreign affairs in Paris, Alexandre Giorgini, said that the UN secretariat had not reached any conclusions at this point. Giorgini noted that the French government continued to explore any information at its disposal without making any definitive decisions. Saudi Arabia has long accused Iran of giving Houthi militia access to their missiles. Riyadh says that the Iranian government has intervened in the war in Yemen on behalf of the Houthi militia.

Tehran has one of the most extensive missile programs in Middle East's volatile region. Iran’s missiles have the range and capacity to strike Israel which happens to be their arch rivals and a chief ally of the United States. Tel Aviv has also urged the world powers to take bold steps to stop Iran’s punitive missile program.

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