Macron’s “France is Back” Speech Makes Plea for European Unity

President Macron

“France is back at the core of Europe,” pronounced Emmanuel Macron at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
The French President was addressing the invited economists, CEOs, globalists and heads of state at the annual conference held in the Swiss resort city of Davos.
Speaking in English, Macron stressed the need for reform in Europe and address issues such as “energy, on digital, migration and investment.”
“This year will be the year where we have to redesign a ten-year strategy for Europe,” said Macron. “Because in this current environment, Europe has a responsibility and a role to play vis-à-vis China and the U.S.”
U.S. President Trump is the first President to attend the Davos conference since President Bill Clinton. His “America First” policies are not without controversy at this forum mostly attended by globalists and internationalists. There are some reports that attendees plan to walk out during Trump’s speech scheduled for Friday.
The day before his “France is back” speech, Macron was invited by President Donald Trump to attend a state visit in April. Macron will be the first head of state to be invited to the White House since Trump’s Inauguration. Trump and First lady Melania Trump attended a state visit to Paris with President Macron and his wife during the Bastille Day celebrations in July.
Macron also disagrees with some of Trump’s policy statements on Iran, climate change, and sovereignty, but is willing to work with him on security and counterterrorism.
“He was elected by the American people,” Macron told the BBC. “I want to work with him.”
During Macron’s speech at Davos, the French President did acknowledge the effect that the impending “Brexit” will have on the European Union.
“I don’t want to say it’s impossible to build at 27,” said Macron making the point that without the United Kingdom, there will 27 member states of the EU.
“If some people are ready to be more ambitious, to go further in terms of integration and ambition of what makes you sovereign as a power in this global environment, to defend your values and your interests, let’s move,” said Macron.

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