Chaos Results From Discounted Nutella Spread

Nutella Spread

A promotion on the part of a French supermarket chain Intermarche resulted in a 70% reduction in the cost of a 35-ounce jar of hazelnut cocoa spread, a favorite for many. The result was scenes taking place at various locations owned by the chain that was reminded many of the ‘Black Friday’ scenes that take place yearly in America.

One employee that works for the store in the town of Forbach, speaking on condition of anonymity described a manic scene that resulted in running, pushing and shoving on the part of customers in search of the hazelnut cocoa spread. The employee said that store management was very nearly forced to make a call to the police to intervene in the matter.

Similar scenes took place throughout the country and some were even characterized as riots. And in some cases, the police were called in to restore order to stores as a result of the havoc wreaked by raucous crowds.

Cell phone footage taken by customers and later posted on social media shows the extent of the commotion in stores by patrons in search of the coveted spread. And while scenes like this are quite common in America for post-Thanksgiving shoppers, this type of behavior is a major scandal for the country of France.

The hazelnut spread, used by many to enhance the taste of bread, baguettes and sometimes bananas has been a desired food in France since the 1940’s. Pietro Ferrero of the northern Italian region of Piedmont, created the sweet spread in response to a shortage of chocolate the region experienced following the Second World War.

The spread grew in popularity in the 1960’s when a new version was introduced to supermarket shelves and was named Nutella.

The manufactures of the spread expressed their displeasure with the mayhem and brawls that took place in France. The company, Ferrero, took to Twitter on Thursday to inform the public that the promotion was made by Intermarche alone and that the consequences were unacceptable.

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