It looked like a scene from Black Friday in America. But it was in France.

Intermarché supermarkets suffered near-riot conditions. Customers were brawling and screaming in the aisles, punches were thrown and the elderly shoved to the side. Adults were grabbing jars of their favorite spread from the floor as if they were at an Easter egg hunt.
Police squads were summoned to several locations throughout France to break up fights.
All this, because Intermarché, one of France’s largest supermarket chains decided to substantially discount the tasty hazelnut-chocolate spread lovingly called Nutella.
Shoppers grabbed the biggest 950g (33 ounces) containers of Nutella which were a bargain at 70% off.
“They are like animals,” said one customer to The Guardian. “One woman had her hair pulled. An elderly lady took a box on her head. Another had a bloody hand,” the customer said.
The lines in front of Intermarché supermarkets started early Thursday morning. Customers were limited to three jars each, but whole families came giving each member three jars to buy. There was only Nutella rung up at the cashiers and it was reported that more Nutella was sold in one day than in three months.
The divorce rate in France is over 50% but separating the French from the Nutella is 100% impossible. Nutella has Italian roots. The Ferrero family created the tasty spread in the early 40s. The French consume 26 percent of Nutella annual production which is nearly 75,000 tons. The production facility for Nutella in France is located in Viller-écalles.
Nutella created a social media stir in November last year when a German Consumer Protection Agency detected a change in the Nutella recipe. The Ferrero family was forced to admit that there was a new recipe leaving many of its fans very unhappy. #NutellaGate became a popular hashtag as a result.

In this case, #NutellaRito is trending on social media.

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