French Mountain Climber Rushed to Safety in "Historic" Rescue

Mountain climber Elisabeth Revol was found on the summit over the weekend and rushed to a hospital in Pakistan.
The 37-year-old Frenchwoman had been stranded since Friday with her climbing partner Tomaz Mackiewicz, a 43-year-old Polish national who was in critical condition with snow blindness and altitude sickness.
Revol was able to descend on her own to below 20,000 feet on the Nanga Parbat, one of the highest peaks of the Himalayan Mountains peaking at nearly 27,000 feet. She was met by two Polish mountaineers Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko. The three then risked a perilous night descent to be able to get Revol to safety.
Pakistani mountain climber Karim Shah, told Le Parisien, that the rescue was historic. He said rescuers had to climb down without a secured rope almost 4,000 feet in the dark of night.
Two helicopters of the Pakistan army were dispatched to rescue Revol and her other climbing partners. Revol suffered from exposure and severe frostbite to both her hands and feet and was treated in a hospital in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.
The rescue of Mackiewicz is “unfortunately not possible because time and altitude would endanger the lives of rescuers,” said Ludovic Giambiasi in a Facebook post. Giambiasi is a friend of Elisabeth Revol. “It is a terrible and painful decision and we are deeply saddened.”
Nanga Parbat is a known to have been the site of number mountain-climbing deaths. It is nicknamed, “killer mountain” and acknowledged as the third most dangerous slope in the world. The mountain is also known to be a difficult climb in winter conditions.
The first successful climb to the summit was in 2016.
In 2012, Frenchman Joel Wischenewski was lost on the mountain slopes in February. His body was found in September of the same year.
Both Revol and Mackiewicz have attempted to reach the summit of this treacherous mountain since 2011.

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