The First Brothel for Sex Dolls in France opens up In Paris

For those who have had dreams of spending a night with a sex doll in the French capital have their wishes come true courtesy of first love Poupee Brothel. The brothel has silicon girls who are popularly known as Xdolls and have been given names like Kim, Sofia and Lily. You can book up to one hour with the sex doll of your choice for around $110 through a platform which has been provided by their website. A solo visit for two hours will cost you $150 while you will be needed to pay $150 each if you want to experience a sex doll as a couple of sixty minutes.

Each doll has been pimped with her profile on their website platform for prospective clients to peruse through. Please don’t even think about going to the brothel to check out the dolls without a prior booked appointment. The brothel management says that the website is their shop and that any potential client or existing customer has to book any of the sex dolls on the internet. You can get a custom-made experience with the dolls through enhancements at an additional cost. The additional experience tools include a virtual reality handset that will cost you $25. The brothel’s website also has an FAQ section which discloses all the features that are provided in the facility.

The features include areas for private relaxation which are equipped with an audio or virtual reality handset and a TV screen. The management for the Brothel says that the additional features are meant to make the customers appointment at the brothel comfortable where they can spend their free time with the doll of their choice. After a customer has booked an appointment with a particular doll, they receive an email for confirmation which must be presented at the facility at the address that has been given. After disclosing the email, one of the brothel’s receptionist will offer guidance to the customer to the relaxation area with the sex doll that was previously booked.

The brothel’s management says that the deposit worth $125 is the facility’s guarantee in case there is any concern as the sex dolls are quite robust as they possess a fragile skin. It is critical for the customers to know that the dolls are disinfected and cleaned before and after use with specific antiseptic products. Other sex doll outlets have been opened in Amsterdam in the Netherland, Dortmund, Germany and Gateshead in the United Kingdom.

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