Homeless Count In Paris To Begin

The number of homeless people in the city of Paris continues to rise. While this fact in itself is alarming, the number of people who are actually sleeping on the streets is growing as well. This is in spite of the fact that French President Emmanuel Macron promised during his campaign in 2016 that he would get all rough sleepers off of the streets by the end of 2017.

Just this last week, figures were released that showed that 11 homeless people had died on the streets already in 2018. Many homeless advocates are outraged by the statements of some in the government who've said that people who are sleeping on the streets are there because they want to be.

This week, a letter from a homeless man was printed in a leading French newspaper. The man named Moncef called on Mr. Macron to do more about the problem of homelessness. Moncef stated in his letter some of the reasons why the homeless did not want to use shelters. Moncef pointed to the overcrowding in the shelters. He stated that it was hard to even get into a shelter and that most shelters were horrible places where no one would want to go.

In order to raise more attention to the plight of the homeless in the city of Paris, approximately 1,700 people will take to the streets this coming Thursday. There task will be to count the number of homeless they find sleeping rough on the streets of Paris. The hope is that when the government sees the numbers and where homeless people are located throughout the city, the government will then be able to focus more resources in the areas that need more help.

The French government already believes that it is doing much to combat homelessness. Officials believe that if the overall economic health of France improves, more people will be in work, and then they will get out of shelters and off of the streets.

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