French Ice Skater Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction; Finishes Routine in 2nd Place

Pyeongchang Olympics

Going into the Pyeongchang Olympics, French ice dance pair Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron were amongst the top favorites to take home gold, but by the time they completed their first routine on Monday, Papadakis was in tears. Unfortunately for the French figure skater, her partner Cizeron accidentally unclipped the back of her green dress early on in their routine. As a result, the dress slipped and bared Papadakis’ left breast for all to see.

Following their routine, a visibly tearful Papadakis said what had happened was her ‘worst nightmare.’ She also said the wardrobe malfunction was distracting, but that she knew that she had to try to remain composed so that she and Cizeron could complete their performance.

Remarkably, this is exactly what they managed to do. In spite of having to try to cover up her breast for the remainder of the routine, Papadakis and Cizeron demonstrated incredible composure to finish their routine with the second-best overall score behind Canadian pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

The fact that the French pair are still in second place must come as some consolation to Papadakis. Nonetheless, her intense embarrassment was immediately visible when she left the ice. To make matters worse, the event was then played again in slow-motion on the big screens throughout the ice arena.

As well, Papadakis should also be comforted by the fact that she isn’t the first ice skater to suffer such a wardrobe malfunction these Olympic Games. Earlier on, South Korean Min Yura also had her dress come unhooked and was forced to carry on almost the entirety of her routine while constantly readjusting her dress to keep covered.

For his part, Cizeron stated that it was disappointing to lose points because of a wardrobe issue, and that it was not something that they could have really prepared for during training. Still, there is no way of knowing whether he and Papadakis’ routine would have been good enough for first place even without the wardrobe malfunction.

Even had Papadakis’ dress not slipped, it would still have taken a world-record score to overtake the Canadian pair of Virtue and Moir as the Vancouver 2010 gold-medalists posted a score of 83.67 points in their first routine, which is a new short-dance world record. Nonetheless, the French pair are still only 1.74 points behind after the first round, which means they are still well within reach of the gold medal despite their unfortunate mishap.

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