The French first Lady Meets Angelina Jolie Who Was on a Family trip to Paris

angelina jolie

The First Lady of France, Brigitte macron greeted Angelina Jolie who is an Oscar-winning Hollywood star in the French capital at the Elysee. Both the first lady and Jolie wore official dresses for the function. Mrs. Macron wore a blazer and a white button-down shirt while Angelina Jolie wore a grey shawl and a white dress. One of the aides who witnessed the high-profile meeting said that the two ladies met to deliberate on the fate of the Syrian refugees who have their country due to war and deplorable conditions. Angelina had made a trip to Jordan at the Za’taari refugee camp earlier this week accompanied by her two daughters Zahara, 13, and Shiloh who is 11.

This was however not the only matter that Jolie was visiting to attend to. She had stopped for a photo shoot alongside her daughters at the hotel Le Meurice. She was able to make up some family time between her extremely tight schedules and appointments. The actress, alongside all her six children, paid a visit to the famous Louvre art museum. An eyewitness told E news that the family was accorded a private tour around the entire museum and had some few escorts and guided waiting for them before they even got to the facility. Jolie’s kids were pretty much very well behaved and stuck together throughout the tour. The girls seemed very affectionate with their mother and held her hand throughout the entire visit to the museum, and it was evident that the family was happy together and enjoyed each other’s company.

The kids all got along well while the tour lasted for roughly one-hour chattering and laughing. The family would stop to take a picture and admire the pyramid that is situated in the museum’s courtyard before they travelled back to their hotel rooms. Another source that has since sought to remain anonymous has said that Angelina Jolie flew her entire family to the French capital before taking another tour to Jordan with Zahara and Shiloh. The rest of the kids would stay in France in the escort and care of their bodyguards where they allegedly had a good time touring the magnificent sights of Paris including a tour of the Tuileries Garden. The children also paid a visit to the Ponts de Arts Bridge after spending some time at the park where they enjoyed the scenery of an array of locks and lover’s locks.

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