Are the French Capable Of Mixing Renewable and Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

The French have a giant nuclear power base that is planning the renewable energy wave that is taking 21st-century energy industry by storm. The world is fast moving to renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions from thermal plants and coat generating stations which has led to the depletion of the ozone layer. Greenhouse emissions and ozone depletion have been one of the major causes of global warming. The initial step towards moving to join the renewable energy League of Nations using nuclear power, France has to first disapprove the conventional belief about the functioning of nuclear reactors. Am Energy Company by the name Electricite de France SA has released a statement saying that its nuclear reactors cannot just steady steam for the plant’s steam turbines, but also the flexibility to complement a significant renewable energy supply that fluctuates from time to time.

The company combines its energy with a solar-panel power plan that has been funded to the tune of $31 billion and the considerable investment in large batteries to store the power plus a couple of inverters to convert the Direct current to alternating current for transmission. The power company has said that it can stabilize power supply while at the same time be in line with the objectives of the French government to cut off its reliance on nuclear energy. The EDG Chief Executive, Jean-Bernard Levy stated that their nuclear power output was variable and very flexible without the energy upheavals that are associated with fluctuating power on the grid.

Mr. Levy added that renewable sources of energy in their company were entirely complementary. As of today, the most cost-effective method of power generation in France is through the power sources combination that has been achieved by Electricite de France SA. However the initial capital investment for such a combination is quite high. However, the benefits that result from the project override the initial capital investment to start the entire project. Billions of dollars are required to have the life of atomic plants prolonged while billions more are needed to set up the renewable energy generation infrastructure. The power utility is at the moment struggling financially. The company requires %65 billion for a 12 year period that extends to 20125 to have its nuclear reactors renovated. The amount will also fund about 50% of the 30 Gigabytes of power expected to be generated from solar developments in France by the end of 2035.

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