The French Government Has A New Plan To Stop Extremist Behavior

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe

France wants to stop the wave of extremism that young people in the country’s immigrant suburbs experience daily. Organizations like the Islamic State Group and al Qaeda focus on those areas of France, and they are making progress. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is unveiling a new proposal to stop these groups from turning France into a haven for radical behavior. It is the third proposal in four years, According to Wassim Nasr, an expert on radicalization, the new plan to curb extremism behavior is a new approach. Nasr said the plan is a major turnaround for the French Government.

French prisons will be part of the focus of the government’s new strategy. Some extremists who participated in recent attacks were former French prisoners. More than 500 people in the French prison system are extremists, and more than 1,100 more prisoners are possible candidates for extremist behavior. Mr. Philippe wants to create separate prison wings for these people. The move to isolate prison extremists is another step in the attempt to stop the growth of home-grown extremists. Philippe also wants to create centers that can reintegrate extremists into society.

Prime Minister Philippe also wants to create psychological care centers for the children of extremists as well as set up tighter regulations for private Islamic schools. The Prime Minister also wants more training for teachers, so they can spot potential extremists. And he wants a program that separates fact from fiction on the Internet.

There’s no word from the Trump administration. Will Trump follow the French in the quest to stop extremism before it starts in areas of the country that are prime targets for radical behavior? Trump likes President Macron, and he wants to mimic French behavior in other ways. Setting up a Military Parade is a French practice that Trump wants to duplicate.

But the French are not arming their students with guns in this new program. The French don’t have a National Rifle Association to pamper, so kids acquiring guns is not the main issue in French extremist debacle. The main issue is poverty, the feeling that there is a better way to live, and the fact that the capitalistic system has no room for antiquated societies.

Even though the French are trying to curb extremist, there are many political, economic and social factors that keep it going. No Western country is addressing those issues, according to the groups that fuel unrest and disruption all over the world.

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