French Experts Say Wine Causes As Much Damage As Beer and Liquor

Several French physicians have signed a letter which urges wine consumers to consider the risks of their habit.

In recent days, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn came out strongly against the French wine trade, blaming it for falsely marketing wine as a less harmful drink than beer or liquor. Buzyn noted that many wine producers say their commodity is healthier than other intoxicants, but from a medical standpoint, this is simply not true-- wine causes just as much damage.

Experts seem to agree. Le Figaro printed a letter penned by numerous medical authorities who concur with Buzyn. The authors claim that French authorities have neglected its public's health in favor of the dollars coming out of the wine manufacturers. In the letter, they also back up the minister's statement that the amount of alcohol, not the type, is what determines its danger.

Letter signer and addiction authority Michel Reynaud reminded the hosts of the radio program RTL that alcohol remains the nastiest state-affecting drug that is legally available.

Other supporters of the letter observed the still-high alcohol consumption levels of French people, which though lower than 50 years ago, is still relatively high. They called attention to the high mortality rate (50,000 citizens per year) and increased cancer risk associated with drinking. Not only this, alcohol increases the threat of violence, mental health issues, and accidents.

The letter is already facing off against its foes, with President Macron, for one, opposing it on principle. When asked, the French president said he wouldn't consider changing the laws for alcohol marketing. He insisted that citizens getting drunk too quickly on beer and liquor is one thing, but wine is another.

Le Figaro also put out a response to the letter from the French Academy of Wine, who believe the accusations to be untrue and unwarranted. "Stop demonizing wine," the rebuttal said.

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