Renowned French artist Bertrand Cantat has withdrawn from a chain of Festival appearances following harsh resentment from the public. The rock musician who had been convicted for eight years in prison but served four had been behind bars for the alleged murder of his girlfriend. He is said to have battered actress Marie Trintignant to death. The singer went back to music after his jail term releasing an album in 2013. He was forced to withdraw from the Normandy festivals after a drafted petition signed by 75000 for his removal. His involvement in the music performances has triggered several protests against violence against women in the country.

His girlfriend, the Late Marie, was a recognized French actress who met her death at a hotel room in Lithuania in 2003 after suffering cerebral bleeding that caused her to be in a coma. Bertrand was released in 2007 and has been continuously raising controversy all around him especially after the commencement of his solo career. The multitude of people who went ahead to sign the petition urged Normandy’s Papillions de Nuit festival to expel him from the schedule. The petition vividly stated that by welcoming the singer, they were encouraging violence against women and violence in general.

Conceding to the public demands, he addressed his followers on Facebook through a post stating that he had realized his presence was disputable and that he had decided to leave the festivals. Furthermore, the musician went on to confess that his actions were regrettable and that he did not and would never underrate the repercussions he faced and hence from the arms of the law. However, he begged forgiveness and kindness from his late girlfriend’s family and Marie herself.

Moreover, he added that he had already carried on his time in jail without any prejudice or entitlement and like any other rehabilitated citizen, he would like to reestablish himself as an artist. His statement only comes after Marie's mother interview on French Television regarding the issue. She expressed her utter disgust on why he was allowed back on stage despite his disgraceful and distasteful acts in the past. She further commented that she did not think he had had enough time in jail and that he should have faced another 20 years.

French revolutionaries have been publicizing a hashtag on twitter to bar attackers and urging victims to voice out their concerns and stories against physical violence. As stated by the government of France, an estimate of one to three women dies following physical violence from their mate. Following this, the current President of France, Macron vowed to make the issue of violence of great importance to his administration, and he would, by all means, try to curb it.

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