Marine Le Pen Continues as President of National Front Party

Marine Le Pen

France's far-right National Front Party has re-elected Marine Le Pen to another term as president over the weekend.

Le Pen, whose father Jean-Marie Le Pen founded the party in 1972, has served as the party's president since January 2011. She was the only candidate nominated.

Marine Le Pen lost to Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the 2017 French presidential election. Macron took 66 percent of the votes to Le Pen's 34 percent.

The National Front party announced Sunday that more than 79 percent of its members approved the party's new by-laws.

Marine Le Pen was behind the surprise visit of former Breitbart executive chairman and former senior advisor to President Trump. Bannon took the stage at the party's convention this weekend to rousing applause. It was Bannon's second stop on his European tour to support populist and anti-immigration political movements.

Many speculate that the surprise visit of Bannan was an attempt on Le Pen's part to "re-found" her party. Her loss to Macron weakened her politically and the National Front suffers from a reputation of being racist and intolerant.

"Let them call you racists, xenophobes or whatever else, wear these like a medal,” said Bannon to the audience. But Bannon is also weighed down by some political baggage.

Bannon was removed from his post as advisor to the President after only serving seven months. It was later revealed that he made disparaging remarks about President Trump which were featured in the highly controversial book, Fire and Fury.
Trump made a fiery statement in response stating that Bannon had lost his job and may have "lost his mind" in the process.
Le Pen and Bannon held a press conference in which they discussed the proliferation of nationalist parties throughout Europe.
The victory of two populist parties taking control in Italy gave them hope. Bannon called the victory of the anti-immigration parties an "earthquake." Le Pen agreed.

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