Following the poisoning of a Russian double agent in Britain, France said that it needed sufficient evidence of Russia taking part in the act before involving themselves. The attack involved the nerve-agent poisoning of Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter who both died. US president Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were both in cahoots with British Prime Minister Theresa May and her government who firmly speculates that Russia must be involved. However, French leader Emmanuel Macron and other French government officials have abstained from mentioning Russia in the involvement. Further, Theresa May went ahead to say that she would banish Russian representatives from her country and even append talks between the two countries.

France had earlier expressed their most solemn words of consolation to Britain for their loss and had reproached the slander of the agent and his daughter. Nevertheless, the French government, through its spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, thought it was too premature to jump on anyone’s throat or make a move. Before taking any sides, Griveaux affirmed that France was waiting on the substantial evidence before taking their stand. Speaking at a news conference, Griveaux added that France did not rely on fabrication and that once the allegations were validated, they would make up their mind at that time. Ed Llewellyn, Britain ambassador to France through social media challenged France saying that they needed reconciled answers and support from their Friends during the trying time. These calls as a result of the nerve toxin attack on the Russian informant on European soil which was a first since 1945.

Agnes Von der Muhll, the foreign ministry spokesman, when enquired about the readiness of France to undertake legal action on Russia, replied that they would keep in touch with Britain. France’s muffled silence on Russia is because it is trying to construct a relationship with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. To avoid causing strife while sorting the issue, France has decided to settle on peaceful communication with Russia to avoid a direct challenge to Putin. In addition to that, Emmanuel Macron is aggressive on the issue of renewing cultural and business ties with Russia.

The previous government of France had a stifled relationship with Russia, a clear indication that Macron needed to restore the country’s confidence in Russia. This is despite conflicting on issues such as Syria, Ukraine, and human rights. France insists on its stand with Russia despite the fact that a year later, they haven’t gained anything substantial from the relations. What is encouraging though, is that Macron is bound to attend an event in St. Petersburg at the end of May where he will grace the stage as a guest of honor. Moreover, he reiterated that the relations between Russia and France were most crucial.

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