President Macron Proposes New Rules For Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment in France is much higher than it is in the United States and some other European countries. Currently, the unemployment rate in France is at 8.9 percent. This is compared to a jobless rate in the United States of 4.1 percent.

Although the unemployment rate in France is quite high, the people of France have some of the most generous unemployment benefits in the world. If a person loses his job in France, he will receive unemployment compensation that is approximately 80 percent of the pay he received at his last job. He can receive as much as 6,120 euros per month. However, the average pay is a little more than 1,000 euros per month. This benefit can be paid for two years.

Currently, a person is not required to accept a job offer that is in a different field of work. A person is not required to accept jobs in a different area of the country.

This week, President Macron has announced new laws which he hopes will get people off of unemployment benefits and back to work. Even though there is an unemployment rate of almost 9 percent, French employers say that there are 300,000 jobs not filled because people don't have to take jobs outside their former field.

Under President Macron's new laws, those on unemployment would have to take any reasonable job that paid more than 80 percent of what they were making in the last job. They would have to take a job even if it was outside of their field.

If a person refused two job offers, his unemployment would be suspended for a period of one month. A person refusing two job offers would also then be required to take any reasonable job that paid more than his current level of unemployment benefit or benefits would be cut off from that point.

In addition to these changes in benefits, President Macron wants to help those who need to find work outside of their fields. During the next five years, 15 billion euros will be spent to establish training programs to help people find new jobs.

The French government expects to save up to 33 billion euros with the new unemployment benefit plan. The government hopes that this plan will lower the unemployment rate substantially over the next five year period.

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