New Plan to Help the Homeless in Paris

Homeless in Paris

This February, 1,700 people fanned out across the streets of Paris to count the number of homeless people who were sleeping on the streets. The volunteers counted 3,000 homeless on the streets, but this number is considered to be low.

Attention to the problem of homelessness in Paris has become heightened this year due to the fact 18 homeless people died on the streets in the cold in January and February. The situation with the homeless in Paris has become so serious that the head of the Red Cross in France has called the situation unacceptable.

In order to help combat the situation of people sleeping on the streets, the government of the city of Paris has announced a new effort to help. The city has announced that it will manufacture what they are calling 100 bubbles that will be placed around the city. The hope is that these bubbles will provide accommodation for at least 1,500 of those who are sleeping out on the streets at night.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has not stated how these bubbles will be constructed or where they will be constructed. No timeline was given for the start or completion of the project.

In addition to the creation of the bubbles, the city government has announced additional measures to assist the homeless population. The city will construct public shower and bathing facilities for women who are homeless. Two special restaurants will be opened to help feed the homeless. A center will also be created where those who are homeless can safely store any belongings that they might possess.

The Canal-Saint Martin area is the place where many homeless people camp out during the night. A tent city is growing in the area, and those who work with the homeless hope that efforts are made to put services for the homeless population in that area.

During his presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron promised to end the problem of homeless sleeping on the streets by 2017. Even though the government has created additional emergency shelter placements, the problem continues to grow. Most experts believe that the homeless problem will continue to grow unless fundamental changes occur in the way benefits are delivered to homeless people.

Many in France are looking to the nation of Finland as an example to help with the homeless problem. Finland has the lowest level of homelessness in the Western world due to its dedicated efforts to combat the problem.

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